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Epicor ERP High-Tech Manufacturing

Epicor ERP for Electronics Manufacturing 

Electronics and high-tech manufacturers are constantly breaking new ground, developing and enhancing products to deliver cutting-edge devices to a variety of customers. But they can only succeed in this fast-paced, cutthroat industry if their enterprise software is just as advanced as the products they’re creating. Without a robust and innovative ERP solution at the core of their manufacturing operations, they can’t possibly keep up with global competitors.  

To support complex processes, high-tech manufacturers need the comprehensive functionality of Epicor ERP.  Serving manufacturers and distributors for over 45 years, the vendor understands the nuances of multiple industries. Find out what makes Epicor a premier solution for electronics manufacturing. 

Speed and Precision 

Growing consumer demands, global competition, complex supply chains—electronics manufacturers must tackle all these challenges while also working faster than any other industry. With short product lifecycles, high-tech companies are under immense pressure to minimize time to market. Moreover, rapid performance can’t come at the cost of precision. How can electronics manufacturers deliver both the speed and accuracy required to make it to the top of a volatile industry? 

Fortunately, that’s exactly what Epicor ERP is designed to do. The vendor’s comprehensive modules and functionality automate processes and reduce manual data entry to maintain data integrity and streamline supply chains. Here are some of the ways to improve enterprise speed and accuracy with Epicor: 

  • The Epicor Mattec Manufacturing Execution System (MES) empowers users to eliminate manual data collection and downtime by providing real-time performance data. Instant insights enable manufacturers to optimize production lines and detect sources of waste and bottlenecks. 
  • Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling (MPS) assist manufacturers with day-to-day control and long-range planning, helping users avoid stockouts and schedule production in line with customer demand. 
  • Multilevel bills of material (BOM) management allows users to handle complex BOMs through simple drag-and-drop functionality. Manufacturers can manage product BOMs and routings in one place to easily ensure accuracy.  
  • Built on 100 percent service-oriented architecture (SOA), Epicor’s streamlined platform is designed to support flexibility and scalability, so businesses can grow and meet industry changes with ease. 


Electronics manufacturers lead the way in innovating their products and their supply chains. The industry is ahead of the game in the Internet of Things (IoT), embedding products and equipment with sensors to gain data about customers and performance. However, this same level of sophistication is often unseen in security protocols, putting enterprises at risk of hacks and breaches. 

ERP software can serve as a baseline for enforcing data security. Epicor includes authorizations throughout its platform, so only verified users have access to sensitive data. Additionally, Epicor vets suppliers by generating detailed receipts and graphs of their performance history. This helps manufacturers avoid partnerships with third parties intent on infiltrating your enterprise data. 

Cloud computing can also alleviate security risks. Epicor can be hosted on Microsoft Azure, the most advanced public cloud hosting environment available. Azure is at the forefront of edge computing, IoT and AI, but it supports the most stringent security standards as well, providing the ideal balance of innovation and safety for the high-tech industry. 

Global Management 

One of the first industries to embrace globalization, electronics manufacturers consist of an international network of suppliers and partners. Most high-tech businesses in the U.S. offshore operations to take advantage of lower costs. Managing processes around the world requires comprehensive multi-site capabilities. 

Epicor ERP is uniquely equipped with global management functionality, such as Country Specific Functionality (CSF). CSF supports global, regional and local accounting and reporting standards, keeping international businesses on top of compliance. Multi-currency management enables companies to automate buying and selling in foreign currencies and reduce manual transactions, helping them avoid accounting errors. With multi-company menus, users can also view records across global sites from a single login. This facilitates visibility and efficiency no matter how widespread your operations.  


Many electronics manufacturers are responsible for maintaining compliance not only across multiple locations but also across multiple industries. Medical, aerospace and automotive industries are incorporating more high-tech tools into their products, requiring electronics suppliers to uphold some of the strictest regulations.  

Epicor provides compliance support as well, adhering to standards across a variety of industries and countries. With complete audit trails and compliance documentation, users can adhere to regulations without hassle. Furthermore, Epicor includes one of the most comprehensive quality management modules, providing cradle-to-grave traceability to ensure products are meeting compliance requirements and customer expectations.  

Wrap Up 

The electronics and high-tech manufacturing industry faces immense challenges, but none are a match for Epicor. Maintaining quality, security and speed at every step of the supply chain, Epicor provides comprehensive support to boost manufacturing performance. 

At Datix, we’ve dedicated over 20 years to helping manufacturers and distributors transform their businesses with software. A certified Epicor partner, Datix provides a variety of solutions and services to meet each client’s unique needs. From start to finish, our consultants ensure businesses across multiple industries have the right solution to optimize their processes. 

Reach out to Datix today to learn why you should implement Epicor ERP for electronics and high-tech manufacturing success  


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