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Business Management solutions for aerospace and Defense industries

In the constantly evolving market of aerospace and defense, creating innovative products while keeping costs down, raising profits and complying with strict requirements from both clients and the government requires a trustworthy system to comprehensively manage business processes. At Datix, we can help you build a secure, flexible, and dependable enterprise system so that software is the last thing on your mind when you show up to work in the morning.

Datix has 20 years of experience in building customized enterprise solutions and processes for aerospace and defense businesses just like yours. Implementing software successfully into complex manufacturing environments is our forte. We’ve built revolutionary integration tools and work with top-of-the-line ERP and CRM software vendors to develop an in-depth knowledge of each system. We also hire the brightest experts in the manufacturing software industry and put them at your disposal so that you have all options and customizations at your fingertips. We build your software around your business like no one else can and allow your aerospace and defense manufacturing business to excel in ways you never imagined.

ERP Solutions For Aerospace And Defense​

Datix specializes in Epicor® Kinetic ERP and Infor CloudSuite Industrial | SyteLine implementations. Our certified consultants have completed countless Epicor® projects for clients around the globe. Our proven track record in customized software implementations and support has exceeded manufacturing business’ expectations—including those in defense and aerospace. From inventory management modules to lean production scheduling functionality, we can help you build the kind of software solution that will make your employees wonder why you waited so long to implement ERP! All of this is possible with a Datix-built ERP solution.

By syncing your newly implemented ERP system with current CRM software, a single source of truth is made through integration. Unity, Datix’s premier software integration platform, connects CRM and ERP (as well as various other software platforms) into a streamlined system that increases transparency and facilitates interdepartmental collaboration.

CRM Solutions for Aerospace and Defense

Datix CRM implementations and integrations. We are certified consultants and offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce implementation while provided pre-built integration services for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Hubspot. We have a proven integration track record for solutions necessary to support the unique needs of aerospace and defense manufacturing businesses.

Transforming Business Through Softwre

Datix will assist you at any stage of your aerospace and defense software project. We ensure the solution works before go-live day. Then we help you train and support your staff around efficient processes and best practices. We know this is the best way to do business and believe you will too.

Our aerospace and defense ERP and CRM software solutions will help your business:

  • Enforce lean production principles with automation and waste reduction modules
  • Control every aspect of your internal logistics with an integrated supply chain management system that includes closer collaboration with suppliers and distributors
  • Monitor, in real time, your process and production capacities with efficient manufacturing execution systems
  • Trace your products from shop floor to store floor—with the ability to attach barcodes to items to maintain quality control
  • Gather production data to reduce wait times and enact preventative maintenance

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