Epicor Insights 2019, Part 3: ERP Integration

ERP Integration

TJ Talks Software Integration  

I’ve spent over a decade living and breathing code, ensuring each client gains a simple, elegant solution to drive business improvements. Far and away, the solution that has had the greatest impact on manufacturing and distribution performance is Unity. A pre-built integration application, Unity seamlessly connects Epicor with CRM or Marketing Automation software. Unity’s two-way data synchronization eradicates information gaps and minimizes manual data entry, fueling end-to-end visibility and productivity. 

As Executive Vice President of Software Development, I’ve witnessed the workarounds and issues that businesses face when they have disconnected software. At Epicor Insights 2019, I’ll be with the rest of the Datix team at booth 4 to chat with Epicor users about how they can eliminate current pain points through the power of software integration. Until then, here’s an overview of what makes Unity the premier systems integration solution.   


Strong Performance 

Your software functions as the heart of your business, generating critical insights and managing processes from the top floor to the shop floor. Therefore, you can’t afford to rely on a mediocre solution. That’s why the experts at Datix leveraged decades of experience to design a fast, reliable integration solution that your business can count on. With Unity, you have no bugs and no crashes—just seamless integration. 

Unity’s robust performance allows you to transform your enterprise from top to bottom. The solution allows our clients to enjoy: 

  • Streamlined Workflows: Greater process automation enhances overall efficiency. 
  • 360-Degree Visibility: Access to data across your enterprise breaks down information gaps and departmental silos, facilitating enterprise-wide collaboration and better customer experiences. 
  • Data Integrity: Instant data synchronization means no more duplicate data entries and accurate, up-to-date data across your platforms. 

A single source of truth, Unity has the power to transform your manufacturing or distribution performance 

Hassle Free 

Systems integration used to entail a lot of work. Syncing data required multiple custom connectors and intense maintenance, resulting in exorbitant costs and wasted IT resources. A pre-built application, Unity is designed to eliminate the hassle from software integration. Unity supports common bidirectional sync points out of the box, such as accounts, orders, contacts and more. All it takes is a simple, rapid installation from one of our expert consultants to connect your software systems—in other words, no coding! 

To make things even easier, we manage your solution even after deployment. At Datix, we believe no client should resolve software problems on their own. That’s why we offer error handling and maintenance at no extra cost. Unity includes comprehensive error reporting, enabling our consultants and integration specialists to instantly detect and fix issues. With a simplified integration, robust error handling and expert support, Unity makes it easier than ever to become a connected enterprise.  

Scalable and Flexible  

No matter how your business changes, your software should keep up. Unity is designed to align with your enterprise, no matter how it expands and evolves. Its scalable architecture supports your business as you add users or locations. With Unity’s scalability, enterprise growth doesn’t have to require complex software projects or steep IT costs. 

Additionally, Unity can be easily customized to fit your unique processes. Even though our solution is pre-built with common sync points, we understand that each business is different. If Unity doesn’t have everything you need to run your enterprise, our experts will take care of any necessary customizations, so you don’t have to. Our integration solution works with your business to fuel growth and improvements.  

Wrap Up  

An Epicor Gold Partner as well as a certified partner of both Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Salesforce, Datix is your go-to source for systems integration. We know how to bring your software together to create a single source of truth. Unity seamlessly connects Epicor with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Salesforce or HubSpot to maximize the value of your software investments.  

To learn more about Unity, make sure to visit me at booth 4 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino during Epicor Insights 2019. From April 15-18, the Datix team will be there to discuss our premier ERP services and solutions. Before we see you there, get in touch with us by clicking the button below.  


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