Does Your Business Need a Custom Software Solution?

Custom Software Solution

Benefits of ERP Customization 

No business needs to build an enterprise software system from scratch any more. With the range of out-of-the-box ERP solutions on the market, manufacturers and distributors can find the tools, metrics and modules they need without breaking the bank on a homegrown system. However, that doesn’t mean your new ERP instance will work perfectly without any tinkering. Each business has one-of-a-kind requirements and processes that a canned solution isn’t likely to fully support. For these circumstances, you should pursue a custom software solution 

Not sure if ERP customization is the step your enterprise needs to take? We’ll go over some of the benefits to help you make a decision. 

Specific Processes 

As manufacturing and distribution operations become more global and complex, the chances of finding an ERP solution that perfectly aligns with your unique processes out of the box are diminishing. Software systems support an array of the most common workflows and use cases, but they can’t always account for some of the nuances of your distinct practices.  

Organizations that adjust their workflows to fit the new software often experience inefficiencies and confusion among end users. In many cases, it’s better to tailor your software to your processes to encourage user adoption and enjoy streamlined operations. Though this requires a larger up-front investment, it’ll save you big in the long run by optimizing processes. 

But a word of caution: There are also many circumstances in which businesses perform extensive customizations when the most cost-effective and productive approach would be to dedicate more time to business process modeling and change management. Robust ERP platforms are committed to supporting leading industry practices. It’s possible that your company’s processes don’t align with your software because your operations aren’t up to par with modern standards. 

When you undergo business process modeling, you can detect pain points in your supply chain and redesign your workflows to smooth over roadblocks. The resulting workflows might actually be more in line with your ERP solution. Sure, your users will need to learn these new processes, but a thorough training and change management strategy will help them adjust to these improvements.

When it comes to customizing solutions to support your processes, you’ll need to take an especially thorough approach and weigh multiple options—a hasty decision could cost you big.  

Greater Visibility 

Sophisticated software solutions, such as Epicor ERP, include advanced analytics and embedded business intelligence (BI) to drive actionable insights across your enterprise. But in some cases, the out-of-the-box metrics and reports don’t go far enough to maximize visibility. When our clients require customization, it’s often to add new fields to enrich system records or other projects designed to improve transparency. 

One reason for this form of customization is compliance. Increasingly, manufacturers and distributors are facing stringent regulations at local, national and international levels. For these businesses, specific tracking and audit trails are required to comply with mandates. If the solution isn’t equipped with the capability to track certain dates or quality metrics, it’s critical to customize dashboards or modify reporting and metric tracking to avoid hefty fines and recalls. 

Businesses also seek out customization to enhance visibility for market distinction. A lot of companies out there are using the same packaged software instance. Adding new features to your system could give you a competitive edge. For example, generating new reports and metrics can help you expand insights and make smart business decisions. You can also customize dashboards to make it easier to instantly access data, enabling users to speed up processes and serve customers faster than the competition.  

Wrap Up 

A custom software solution used to be the exclusive property of giant corporations. Now, businesses of all sizes can tailor their systems to their unique needs, but only if you start out on the right platform. Epicor ERP includes a built-in engine which enables companies to make many changes with clicks rather than code, simplifying customization. This agile architecture demonstrates Epicor’s flexibility and commitment to serving an array of manufacturers and distributors. 

At Datix, we share the same commitment. An Epicor Gold Partner, we’ve served manufacturers and distributors for over 20 years. Our expert consultants will take charge of your customization. We know Epicor inside and out, so we understand how to utilize the platform to tailor the solution to your processes. If you need to make changes to the base code, our consultants will take care of it, mitigating risk and adhering to best practices.  

For comprehensive enterprise software solutions and services, get in touch with the experts at Datix today!  


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