Biggest Software Integration Challenges

Software Integration Challenges

Simplify Software Integration  

Does it take forever to locate data? Do you have to manually enter information in multiple applications? Is your enterprise data inconsistent and out of data? These are the challenges faced when organizations don’t have integrated software. Without software integration, information stays in silos and users waste time entering duplicate data and searching for valuable insights. These issues result in poor data integrity. 

Unfortunately, many businesses think they have no choice but to continue undergoing these difficulties. That’s because software integration is often seen as far too challenging for companies to execute. The good news is that an integration project doesn’t have to be this way. Check out some common integration problems and what our consultants can do to solve them.  

Integration Problems 

  • Software integrations are sometimes performed without consideration of business processes. If the project can’t support your workflows and operations, then it adds no value to your enterprise.  
  • On the flipside, some integrations are attempted by people who lack technical expertise. If you only consider business processes in your project, you could jeopardize data quality, experience slow processing and incur security risks.  
  • Even with internal IT personnel, enabling data to flow smoothly between heterogeneous applications is a complex undertakingIntegrations often require hand coding and custom API mapping. Plus, the project team must be careful to ensure data ends up in the proper locations and isn’t altered during the transfer 
  • The labor isn’t over once the solution is deployed. Your business must maintain the integration and troubleshoot errors to avoid interrupting the flow of data 
  • Data transfers are often disrupted when you upgrade or add new features to your platforms.  
  • Integration projects often take six months or longer to deploy, making them a serious time commitment.  

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Integration Solution 

Our software consultants and developers know how important it is to integrate your systems, but they also know that this is no easy task. That’s why they created Unity, a pre-built software integration application. Unlike other API solutions that require extensive mapping and coding, Unity is rapidly installed and fully managed by our consultants. They’ll ensure the solution is implemented in line with your unique business requirements.   

Additionally, Unity is a scalable solution that compounds ROI. That means you don’t have to worry about add-ons, upgrades and other changes getting in the way of your integration. No matter how many users or how much data your organization accumulates, Unity can keep up with your organization’s demands.  

Wrap Up  

Businesses no longer need to choose between the challenge of data silos and the challenge of complicated integrations. Unity makes software integration easy, so you can gain a single source of truth without coding, errors or hassle. Designed to integrate Epicor ERP with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRMSalesforceMagentoHubSpot and more, Unity is the easiest way to form a connected enterprise. Each user can operate out of one system, eliminating duplicate data entries and other inefficiencies.  

Transform your business with a software integration. To learn more about Unity, contact Datix today.  

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