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Tips for Finding CRM Experts

Finding a CRM consultant is no light task. The best way to accomplish a successful enterprise software project is through teaming up with experts. They lessen risk, provide deep insight and take pressure off your IT team. However, making the wrong choice in consulting firm could jeopardize your CRM implementation, drawing out projects for several months, even years, and piling on the costs.

When manufacturers or distributors end up with the wrong consultants, it’s usually a result of inadequate research. Businesses should ask probing questions, check resumes and investigate both technical and industry experience when exploring their options. Keep reading for our tips on finding the best CRM experts to offer profit-boosting solutions.

Who are the technical experts?

These are the people who code for the fun of it, who live and breathe software, who know everything about not only the top CRM vendors but also the techniques to configure out-of-the-box systems to optimize each client’s business processes. When you choose to undergo a CRM project alone, your business risks missing out on superior tools and even jeopardizing your investment. Reputable software consultants will know which CRM vendor and functions improve businesses and how to customize instances to go beyond the out-of-the-box features.

It’s a no-brainer that your software partners should be experts in computing, but finding someone with proven experience in offering comprehensive CRM solutions can be tricky. How can you trust that consultants are really as experienced as they claim to be? Make sure you get resumes in advance and meet consultants to verify their skills. Check that they have certifications in CRM, especially in the vendor that you are leaning towards implementing or upgrading, as well as ample experience in enterprise software. This information is a crucial step towards making a confident decision.

Who specializes in your industry?

Technological prowess, though an obvious necessity, is not the only requirement to be a top CRM consultant. The knowledge of different coding languages and customizations proves helpful to clients only when it is leveraged to optimize specific operations. CRM consultants are only experts if they have not just computing skills but an understanding of your industry and a business-first approach.

After you’ve checked off all the boxes regarding the firm’s technical aptitude, take a deep dive into their experience in your industry. Look through their portfolio, and pay attention to their responses and questions when you meet with them. They should be asking specific questions about your processes and already identifying areas of improvement.

Furthermore, see if they have a track record of providing solutions, not just for manufacturing or distribution, but for your specific vertical, whether it be automotive manufacturing or HVAC wholesale. With the right experience in the right industry, your chosen CRM firm can provide an ample return on your investment by offering services centered on enhancing your operations.

Wrap Up

CRM consultants with technical expertise and industry experience, Datix is your best bet for executing your software project. Datix has the unique position of being both a Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM partner. Our knowledge of two leading CRM vendors allows us to help you weigh the pros and cons of both systems to determine which is a better fit for your processes. In addition, as an Epicor Gold Partner and integration specialist, we go beyond CRM to provide ERP and integrated software. Our comprehensive solutions will set your enterprise up for future success.

When it comes to meeting your needs for manufacturing and distribution software, there’s no better choice than Datix. Contact our experts today to learn more about our innovative solutions!


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