3 Ways Your Company Can Prepare for eCommerce After Covid-19

3WaysYourCompanyCanPrepareforeCommerceAfterCovidPrepare Your eCommerce Business for the Future

Where other industries have undergone extremely negative trends in the wake of Covid-19, the eCommerce market has experienced a major rise in consumer demand. By 2024, the eCommerce industry–an already fast-paced environment–is expected to grow by $113.68 billion. However, this upturn is not a guarantee of success.

How are manufacturers and distributors expected to keep up? In such a prolific industry, it can be hard to stay relevant. That’s why we put together these steps to help your business prepare for the aftermath of Covid-19.

1. Plan for Growth

Having the bandwidth to handle an influx of orders is essential for growing online enterprises. We recommend investing in eCommerce software solutions that can accommodate your growing demands. Services like Magento eCommerce and EBizCharge Payment Gateway will maximize your investment and enable you to handle increased traffic.

Further, unlike on-premises solutions, cloud-hosted services can be scaled to adapt to growing demand. Now, more than ever, cloud hosting makes it simpler for companies to respond to eCommerce trends. Merchants can utilize this cutting-edge technology to take advantage of a thriving market.  

2. Ensure You Have a Robust Digital Customer Experience

Unsurprisingly, the eCommerce industry is packed with merchants offering similar products, thus maintaining a competitive edge is a challenge. That’s why delivering impressive customer experience is imperative, especially because 84% of consumers consider their experience with a company to be just as important as the product or service the company offers. Customers don’t want to wait around for payment portals or websites that are slow to load when they can just move on to a different option.


Multiple aspects go into creating an exceptional customer experience–optimized payment options, outstanding customer service, intuitive user interface, etc.–so we recommend ensuring your underlying infrastructure can keep up with the competition!

3. Nail Down Your Supply Chain  

Covid-19 has taught us that supply chains are at risk of disruption. Supply chain disruption can cause delays if there aren’t flexible plans in place that address demand changes. Customer experience is at the heart of all enterprises- if a customer isn’t happy with their service, they likely won’t come back, and they may go as far as leaving poor reviews that deter prospective customers. When push comes to shove, if businesses don’t deliver reliable goods in a timely manner, they’ll lose profits and be left behind.

Robust, industry-specific enterprise resource planning (ERP) software can deliver cutting-edge supply chain management. By monitoring production stages, adding agility, optimizing data, and increasing visibility, you can streamline the supply and demand balance and embrace demand-driven manufacturing.

Wrap Up

In short, if the uptick in the eCommerce industry continues, making sure your systems are prepared for a customer influx will grow your company. Top-notch eCommerce and ERP solutions will help your manufacturing or distribution company embrace this prolific, demand-driven industry and become an agile, customer-centric enterprise.

Datix can help you transform your business! We’ve provided manufacturing and distribution solutions for over 20 years, and our expert consultants understand how to make the most of your eCommerce and ERP software. Plus, with our Unity integration, we can instantly connect your systems to optimize your business.

Ditch your old habits and strengthen your eCommerce enterprise. Contact Datix today!

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