3 Reasons Why SMBs Need ERP Consultants

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ERP Consulting for SMBs 

You would think that small manufacturers and distributors would cut costs wherever they could during their ERP implementation, and that includes going without a consultant. However, according to Panorama’s 2019 ERP Report, you would be wrong. The report found that 65% of surveyed small to midsize businesses (SMBs) used ERP consultants, while only 46% of large enterprises hired consultants.  

Though it might seem surprising for a small business to invest in consulting services on top of their ERP software, most SMBs can’t achieve a successful implementation on their own. Find out three reasons why SMBs rely on ERP consultants to reach their business goals.  

1. Provide Expertise  

Manufacturers and distributors of all sizes benefit from the guidance of experienced consultants. With an ERP expert by your side, you’re more likely to adhere to best practices and complete your project on time and on budget. Furthermore, having extra hands to work on the implementation means your project team and IT personnel don’t have to take on as much extra work or abandon their regular duties.  

For SMBs, expert consultants are especially important for executing implementations. Small businesses have small IT departments—if they have one at all. Therefore, they lack the internal technical prowess necessary to make their ERP projects a success. ERP consultants fill in these skills gaps, guiding you through every step of your implementation. That means you don’t have to become an expert coder and ERP aficionado overnight. Consultants bring their software knowledge to the table to take the hassle out of your implementation.  

2. Mitigate Risk  

SMBs can’t afford ERP failure. When an enterprise software investment goes to waste, your bottom line takes a major hit, requiring you to make major sacrifices to get out of the red. Plus, you’ll likely have to spend even more money to try recovering your project or finding another solution. 

With a team of dedicated consultants, you don’t have to worry about these pitfalls. Think of a consulting firm as a safety net for your ERP implementation. Using proven methodologies and best practices, consultants mitigate the most common software project risks, from data conversion errors to scope creep. If anything does go wrong, they’ll fix it in no time, getting your project back on track. Consultants are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure your software meets your unique goals without going over your budget or timeline.  

3. Enhance Value 

It’s not often that an ERP solution can support your business needs out of the box. Large corporations have the luxury of being able to include any add-ons or customizations they deem necessary to further their competitive advantage. Small and midsize businesses, of course, don’t have the same luxury. Enhancing the value of your ERP and improving your processes might require some creative thinking.  

Consultants will help you find the most cost-effective method for solving your pain points. If a vendor add-on is outside your budget, they’ll find something that is or make a new solution with their own hands. Additionally, consultants will prioritize your software requirements, so you’re only spending time and money on the features that’ll contribute the most value to your company. With this level of support, you can ensure that your ERP solution is a worthwhile investment.  

Wrap Up 

It’s no wonder SMBs are teaming up with ERP consultants. Their knowledge and experience reassure small businesses that their software won’t go to waste. Teaming up with an ERP consultant is the smartest action you can take to optimize your business performance. 

For over 20 years, Datix has served as a reliable consulting firm for manufacturers and distributors. An Epicor Gold Partner, we’ve earned a reputation for providing comprehensive ERP services and solutions. We use our proven Strategic Solution Process to mitigate risk and maximize value at every step of the implementation. Additionally, our consultants thoroughly model our clients’ business processes, so we can align the software to each organization’s unique needs. 

Take your SMB to the next level with ERP. Contact Datix today to learn how our consultants can help manufacturers and distributors of all sizes execute their software projects!  


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