What’s the Cost of Outdated Software?

Your legacy software might be costing you more than you think. Find out why now's the time to upgrade your ERP solution.

Cost Outdated Software

Why You Should Upgrade Your ERP 

Manufacturers and distributors often stick to their old ERP software because they fear the cost of upgrading to a new system. However, what these businesses don’t realize is that remaining on their legacy software is actually costing them more. Keeping up with industry changes and customer demands requires a high level of accuracy and responsiveness that isn’t possible with an outdated solution.  

Stop putting your business at risk by running legacy ERP. Learn the real cost of maintaining outdated software, and find out why now’s the time to upgrade your ERP solution.  


Outdated technology doesn’t have the automation of a modern ERP solution. Manual operations and workarounds disrupt workflows and hurt your chances of completing projects on time. Simple tasks can take days or weeks to execute, interrupting your supply chain and causing customers to grow impatient. 

An up-to-date ERP system has the power to automate just about any of your repetitive, manual processes. Rather than wait hours to process a single BOM or days to get necessary approvals, your ERP solution can help you execute these simple tasks in no time. Furthermore, ERP software centralizes data across multiple departments. Therefore, users don’t have to manually enter data into several applications, consuming enormous time and resulting in typos. Data is automatically updated across the solution, making your enterprise more precise and productive.  

Poor User Experience 

The ERP solutions of yesterday didn’t possess the most intuitive user interfaces. Employees often struggle to find the information they need or complete tasks. These difficulties impact employee retention, as users part ways after growing frustrated with their inefficient processes. This poses a tremendous threat to manufacturers, who are dealing with an aging workforce and severe labor shortages. A poor interface hurts not only user experiences but also customer experiences. When users can’t effectively perform operations or locate data, customers can’t receive the timely service they expect. 

Fortunately, ERP vendors have come a long way in improving the user experience. BI tools and data analytics give employees real-time information at their fingertips, meaning no more digging for the right data. This level of insight speeds up decision making and helps you identify new opportunities. 

Vendors have also reinvented dashboards to provide users with greater control. Epicor ERP includes an active home page that gives users the ability to personalize their dashboards and instantly drill down into critical metrics. Epicor’s sleek UX design is just what businesses need to keep employees and customers happy.  

Greater Risk 

Sticking with your old software entails going off maintenance. That means you’re not getting vendor support whenever something goes wrong.  Additionally, when you refuse to upgrade, you turn down patches and new security features. This puts your enterprise at risk of incurring costly downtime or losing sensitive data. If that wasn’t enough, outdated software is also more susceptible to slow processing speeds and crashes. 

An ERP upgrade doesn’t just give your business cutting-edge features; it provides you with the security you need to keep operations running smoothly. Legacy software can’t stand against today’s malware, viruses and other threats. The latest ERP solutions reduce your exposure to cyberattacks, so you don’t have to lose sleep over IT security.

Upgrades also enhance your ERP performance by adding improvements to your software’s speed and agility. Epicor ERP 10 offers more than twice the speed and four times the scalability of E9 because of its simplified architecture. These advancements provide the reliability and strength to grow your business and mitigate risk.  

Wrap Up 

Businesses often put more at stake than they realize by refusing to upgrade their ERP software. Lapses in performance and security can dramatically impact your bottom line and jeopardize your investment. But an ERP upgrade isn’t a project that should be taken lightly. Without expert guidance, your upgrade could fail to yield the desired outcomes. 

Datix’s ERP consultants will make sure this doesn’t happen. A certified Epicor partner, we’ve helped many manufacturers and distributors upgrade their software. Businesses should no longer rely on Epicor Enterprise, Vista, Vantage or E9. Whether you need a reimplementation or upgrade, we’ll help you reap the advantages of Epicor ERP 10. Our consultants also offer other services and solutions designed to maximize the value of your software, including seamless integrations and disaster recovery. 

When you upgrade your ERP software, you upgrade your business performance. Reach out to Datix today to start making the move to Epicor 10!