Top ERP Myths: Part II

ERP myths are everywhere in the manufacturing industry. Companies want the boost in sales, cost reduction and data transparency an ERP brings, but these myths can hinder organizations from taking the next step. Don’t let a false narrative hold your business back from reaching the next level with an ERP solution. In this blog, we will discuss a few of the common ERP myths we encounter from manufacturers hesitant to implement a new ERP.

1) “Nothing fits our problems”

During the initial ERP selection process, a lot of firms can often be confused about what they need. If you are using an ERP system already, chances are that it no longer supports your needs. Many manufacturers frustrated by software which isn’t suited for them and wonder if it is even possible to find a system that meets their needs.

However, companies often face a problem they don’t even realize: they don’t know what their problems are. Sure, you might know that you want to close more deals or improve production, but implementing an ERP requires understanding your software problems specifically so you have the tools necessary to complete those other goals.

Without clear goals in mind, you will waste time aimlessly looking for an ERP solution without getting anywhere. Fortunately, an ERP consultant like Datix can help you clarify your goals. As a one-stop shop with 25 years’ experience providing software solutions to manufacturers, we know how to identify software needs and find the right tools to meet those objectives. For ERP, IoT, BI, disaster recovery and more, Datix is the partner of choice.  

2) “There’s too much to transfer into a new system”

Those who have used an ERP system before know that it is common to make various changes to the solution over time. These minor customizations and add-ons are done to provide additional functionality or assist with different tasks. These help keep operations running smoothly when needed, but what happens if you change your ERP?

Once a new solution is on the horizon, it’s common to begin reviewing all the specific attachments you want to bring over. Similarly, you might become worried that what you want is not possible. Feeling overwhelmed, the question becomes if the new system can deliver on everything you need.

Before any installation, your consultant should perform a thorough overview of your company. Customizations and add-ons can enhance the implementation and tailor it to your requirements.

At Datix, this review process is standard. Our experts take a business-first approach, so we learn how your business works and what you want to achieve. From there, we can come up with software goals and solutions that will allow you to achieve API targets and move ahead of the competition. Learn more about working with Datix.

3) “Nobody will be able to use it”

As the implementation approaches, awe of a new system can quickly turn to dread. You may begin to wonder if, after the installation’s finished, your team will be able to properly use the solution. Will the system be too complex for your staff?

While there is always a transition period after implementing new software, the right ERP consultant will map out a solution that makes sense for your team and will plan to train clients on how to use the ERP. Working in conjunction with a partner, your staff must be trained on everything prior to the installation itself.

By gaining a sense of the solution, your staff will feel more at ease. Information is power, so instead of feeling dread about an upcoming change, this training allows everyone to feel excited about what the ERP will bring to your organization.

Your staff will understand the ins and outs of your solution. In the long run, this provides a better-managed and successful workplace that can better meet your goals. To work with a partner that will support you team every step of the way, from the planning to the training to the implementation and beyond, talk to Datix. Our experts know what it takes to take manufacturers to the next level with their ERP.

Wrap Up

This is only a partial list of the myths that arise with implementing an ERP solution. Every business has their own worries when embarking on this transition, but the question becomes how you will react to them.

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