How Medical Manufacturers Gain Quality Management with an ERP

Quality management is essential for medical manufacturers because it impacts every aspect of their organizations. In this highly competitive and critical atmosphere, quality issues easily have the potential to sink medical device, equipment or supplies companies. Instead of making quality management feel like a burden, an ERP can simplify quality management so that your team follows best practices without even realizing it. In this blog, we will cover how an ERP can drastically improve quality management.

Supplier Partnerships

Quality starts with your suppliers. If your suppliers don’t maintain consistent quality standards, your products could become ineffective or even dangerous, and potentially result in a recall. After experiencing so many disruptions during the pandemic, manufacturers are expanding their supply chains and maintaining larger reserves of necessary items, which only increases the need for strong supplier relationships. Even for medical manufacturers working with hundreds of suppliers, an ERP simplifies supplier relationships by logging a detailed history of supplier performance, providing real-time notifications about shipments and detailed quality data for each supplier. This transparency highlights issues or exceptional performance, so you can address problems right away or reward your best suppliers with more business. At Datix, we understand the importance of relationships. We support our clients every step of the way in their ERP journey, from the planning to the implementation and beyond. Let us provide you with a clear plan to streamline your software.

Supply Chain Management

If your supply chain suffers from delays, then your staff will be forced to rush through jobs when parts are finally available, creating stress throughout the organization and increasing the likelihood of errors. An ERP allows you to receive instant notifications about delays or nonconformant parts, so you can quickly address problems and pivot to alternative solutions if necessary. Medical manufacturers need to keep track of extensive supply chain data, but an ERP logs component, assembly, and subassembly data for all your inventory. ERP traceability also isn’t limited on one location: you will be able to see data throughout your enterprise so you can manage your supply chain needs effectively.


The FDA requires that medical manufacturers follow their software validation requirements, but validation is also important for quality management. Validation ensures that your ERP is set up to meet company processes and regulatory standards that support quality control. An ERP consultant can make it easy to incorporate software validation in your ERP, if you use the right consultant. As a one-stop shop, Datix has 25 years of experience supporting manufacturers streamline their ERP systems to strengthen their businesses. No matter you need from your ERP, whether it be validation, IoT, or disaster recovery, Datix has you covered. Learn what Datix can do for you.


Compliance and quality control go hand in hand in medical manufacturing. Without it, your organization could face trouble from the FDA or reputation issues that end your organization’s success. Fortunately, an ERP facilities compliance with cradle-to-grave traceability for audits or inspections. Likewise, serial and lot traceability offer a fast way to evaluate quality and generate reports. Protecting patient data is also a main compliance priority. An ERP protects confidential data with role specific access as well as including cybersecurity updates to protect your system from hacking. If you are unsure about how to build compliance into your business processes with an ERP, Datix can help. Our team takes a business-first approach, so we develop an ERP solution based on your specific organizational challenges and strengths. Discover what it means to have a partner that has your back.

Wrap Up

Maintaining high quality standards can be difficult, but an ERP makes it far easier to manage. Don’t allow inadequate software to hold you back from taking your organization to the next level.

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