How ERP Offers Mobility and Flexibility

Technology offers us increasingly greater interconnectivity through mobile devices. Growing manufacturers can take advantage of our heightened capacity to work from anywhere with a flexible Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. With an ERP optimized for mobility, businesses can operate in ways never before possible to become industry leaders.

Device Flexibility

Over the past few decades, mobile devices have exploded in popularity around the world. For manufacturers, employees can now work from a variety of devices in different environments besides simply using a desktop computer or writing down data by hand to store electronically later. With a modern ERP, cell phones, tablets, laptops, and computers can all be connected to your system, so data is inputted easily and accessible to all. With mobility, staff can review and approve documents from anywhere. For production line workers that need to move to different stations regularly, it is far more convenient to bring a small, light device like a tablet to work from in order to log data or look up job instructions.

Cybersecurity Considerations

When choosing an ERP that is compatible with many different devices, it is important to consider how the ERP system handles cybersecurity. Device accessibility is a huge benefit to an ERP, but it does increase the potential vulnerabilities in the system. Look for an ERP vendor that regularly improves their cybersecurity across all platforms. If you are unsure where to find the right ERP vendor or need help implementing an ERP, look to an ERP partner like Datix. As the one-stop shop for all your ERP solutions needs, we can support finding and implementing a new system, as well as adding any additional components you may need like disaster recovery, hosting, integration, or CRM.

Greater Efficiency

The freedom to work within an ERP from different devices both increases flexibility and improves efficiency. Paper-based data logs will hold your workplace back. They require physical storage for the original logs, and for someone to spend the time to scan or manually enter their data into your ERP so that it can be assessed. This process is time-consuming and means that your ERP will constantly be filled with out-of-date information, making it harder to review progress or spot issues quickly. Your managers will need to physically be on the floor and looking at specific logs to see how production is going overall, meaning they can only see a snapshot of what is happening at a time, especially for companies with large (or multiple) facilities.

In contrast, a manager using a mobile-friendly ERP can, from any location, see production numbers from everyone on the line, and compare it to numbers from previous days, other shifts, or even other departments. The total visibility of a flexible ERP allows you to make informed decisions to boost efficiency across your organization and for you to identify weak areas in your processes that can be improved. To take advantage of all the benefits of an ERP, work with an ERP consultant that can tailor your system to your needs. At Datix, we take a business-first approach with each of our clients by taking the time to understand how their organization operates so we can offer them a comprehensive solution that increases their competitive advantage. Learn more about simplifying your systems with Datix.

Wrap Up

As time goes on, it is reasonable to think that mobile devices will continue to play an important role in manufacturing, and new technologies will add more opportunities to improve production. As these changes happen, make sure that you are using an ERP system that can keep up with technological advancements.  

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