Why You Need to Integrate your ERP and CRM

ERP and CRM systems are both valuable tools for manufactures that want to access to production and customer data. However, your system and are organization will be held back if these applications remain disconnected from each other. Connecting your ERP and CRM with an integration will offer full data visibility and the tools to outmaneuver the competition. In this blog, we will cover why it is imperative for manufactures to integrate their ERP and CRM to reach the next level.

Eliminate Departmental Silos

Without an integration, your business will be disconnected. CRM systems are usually used by sales, marketing and customer service to gain new leads and strengthen customer relationships. ERPs support accounts, inventory, quality control and other production needs. This divide can separate organizations as it becomes a struggle to share data between departments or collaborate on strategic analysis. Departmental silos and informational gatekeeping naturally appear because data isn’t accessible to all.

Instead of operating in a disconnected environment, an integration unites companies under a single source of truth. Suddenly, tasks that used to require countless emails and tense meetings are resolved quickly because teams are working together using a 360-degree view of your organization. Duplicate data entry is also unnecessary because you are working out of a one system. Unity: Integration by Datix is a prebuilt application designed to create a single source of truth for manufacturers. Our system seamlessly integrates ERP and CRM so that you have a single software solution. Learn more about fostering collaboration with Unity.

Streamline Workflows

Disconnected software does more than waste time through departmental silos and duplicate data entry. Your business processes will be full of extra steps because your employees have to continually switch between software applications. This switching slows down progress and increases the likelihood of error. With an ERP-CRM integration, your business processes can be shrunk down to only include value-adding tasks.

Because everyone can see the same data, workflows can take advantage of this information to be proactive instead of reactive. For instance, marketing can look at turnaround time statistics from your ERP to engage new potential customers. In turn, production can review how many new customers are in the pipeline to better anticipate inventory and job needs in the coming months. These types of workflows make organizations grow, and best of all, they can be automated to become even easier to execute. If you want the benefits of an integration but aren’t sure where to start, look to the integration experts at Datix. With our Unity system, you get to experience all the benefits of an ERP-CRM integration without having the added headache of managing complex software. That’s because Unity is fully managed for you, so our team takes care of daily monitoring, data transfer, software updates and providing rapid support. Let Datix take care of your integration for you.  

Be Ready to Do More

Some companies are unprepared for success. Once they start to really get ahead by closing more deals and gaining new customers, their organization faces a crisis. Why? Success causes problems when a business’s internal systems cannot keep up with increased demand. Even if your production line is up to the task, your software must be set up correctly to avoid jarring halts in production or chaos because of system crashes. Unity is unique as an integration because it was designed to expand with organizations as they grow. While other platforms are built using single record processing principles that threaten KPI limits, Unity employs batch record processing, and our system has already processed over 350 million records. No matter how large your company expands, you never need to worry about software holding you back. Discover what Unity can do for you.

Wrap Up

Integrating your ERP and CRM isn’t just a smart move, it’s one that can take your organization to the next level. Experience the benefits of having a single source of truth with Unity.

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