Top 3 ERP Myths Debunked

Myths are a common part of the business world, even for the most remote subjects.

Every industry has topics or information that delves into the world of bull. Not even outright lies, but general misconceptions about common knowledge. These may result in the spread of false information, poor brand image and even lost revenue.

When looking for an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, such myths can appear out of nowhere. These ideas don’t have to be external, but can be within your own organization. People will use them to dismiss anyone with different ideas, or a particular view, on various subjects.

These myths are dangerous because they mislead about how an ERP can maximize business processes and transform organizations. They also grossly overestimate how hard it is to implement a new ERP solution when you have the right support.

In this piece, we’ll discuss some common ERP myths and debunk them.

1) “It’s going to hurt”

When we go to the doctor for a shot, we often hear our doctor tell us, “You’re going to feel a little pain.”

Every business suffers a degree of “pain” in their lifetime. These pains stem from various factors that affect day-to-day operations. Most can be dealt with easily, others take a more substantial cure to rid them.

Companies are usually attempting to resolve some form of pain when buying an ERP system. These issues require finding the right ERP solution, which can be challenging if you are not an ERP expert. Fortunately, an ERP consultant can guide you to quickly find the best ERP for your organization that will address your specific challenges. With 25 years’ experience, Datix is a one-stop shop for ERP solutions because we offer nonbiased guidance about which ERP to choose and can offer tailored solutions to your specific business needs. Learn more about finding the right ERP.

After the selection process is complete, there comes the implementation. Many employees fear the worse as this stage approaches. They believe that installing the system will result in massive new headaches, in addition to existing problems.

Although these individuals fear change, the reality is that the right ERP system will actually decrease headaches and offer unrivaled benefits in streamlining operations.

To alleviate any existing tension before installation, an ERP consultant like Datix can speak with your team, answer any questions that they have and use their feedback to ensure that your system runs as smoothly as possible.

2) “No one knows what we’re going through”

Every parent has heard this from their teenager at one point or another, but it is also a sentiment felt in a lot of businesses as well.

When a company goes through any problems that might require an ERP solution, they’re bound to be frustrated. This frustration manifests itself in various stages throughout the entire process no matter the course of events.

As it comes time to find a provider to partner with, someone might blurt out the above-mentioned quote. Fortunately, it is possible to find people who understand your problems.

When companies seek out a consultant, they usually believe that their issues are unique. However, an ERP expert that has supported thousands of solutions for manufacturers like Datix has probably seen a similar challenge before.

At Datix, we see many manufacturers with similar challenges, but we have also supported firms with very unique needs for their Instead of pushing the same ERP solution on everyone, we use our 25 years of experience to offer specific solutions to each of our clients. As a one-stop shop, we can find the right solution for your challenges so that your business processes become simple, not more complex.

3) “We won’t be the same afterwards”

When your partner is going through the requirements for an installation, a new fear may set in. You start to scratch your head in bewilderment and wonder, What comes next for us? Are we still going to thrive with all these new elements? The concern becomes that the ERP system will change business so drastically that it directly impacts your ability to perform.

In finding the right partner, you also must find someone who take the time to understand how your business operates and what gives you a competitive advantage. That way, the consultant can help you simplify your systems so you become even better at doing what you do best.

Instead of being afraid of how your organization will change, you should be excited to see the growth and optimization that occurs when you have the right ERP and the right support. At Datix, we always offer our clients a business-first approach. Learn how to gain an individualized ERP solution with Datix.

Wrap Up

These are only some of the myths that arise about ERP solutions. Every business has their own worries when embarking on an ERP transition: the question becomes how you’ll react to them. When you partner with a trusted consultant like Datix, we can help dispel these myths to allow you to see what’s possible.

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