Ophthalmic Manufacturing ERP Benefits

When it comes to ophthalmic manufacturing, you need your systems to be easy, offer compliance, and give complete data transparency. Because compliance expectations are so elaborate, business processes can quickly become convoluted, and it becomes overwhelming to keep track of your data. The right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system like Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) can simplify your systems while offering complete data visibility.

Complete Data Visibility

Ideally, you want a 360-degree view of your organization. With Infor CSI, that possibility is a reality.  With real-time data at your fingertips, managing inventory, equipment performance, PHI (Protected Health Information), and other key areas become so much easier.  

For instance, you will be able to quickly see when you need to reorder inventory, what items should be used first with the first-in-first-out (FIFO) model, and how much of each item to buy. Additionally, you can set up automated alerts to notify you when inventory is low and set up an automated reordering procedure.

To experience the real-time data of CSI, talk to our team at Datix. As a one-stop shop, we offer our clients a business-first approach to ERP, meaning that we tailor our solutions to your needs.

Single Source of Truth

Ophthalmic manufacturers with an ERP enjoy the benefits of having a central source for most of their data, but sometimes the organization needs to have other software in place. Having separate software systems naturally creates information silos and disconnect between departments.

To fix this problem, Datix solutions can come with an ERP integration using Unity: Integration by Datix. A software integration with Unity links all your platforms and allows you to operate out of one system. For instance, a LIMS integration allows you to spot and react to issues faster by looking at information traditionally stored in an ERP and LIMS at the same time. Learn more about an integration with Unity.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

Ophthalmic manufacturers face a lot of scrutiny for their products. Your customers expect safe, high-quality goods, and regulatory bodies like the FDA expect the same thing.

With CloudSuite Industrial, CAPA requirements can be embedded directly into your ERP so that your system meets the latest standards and regulations. Because of CSI’s complete tracking and traceability, identifying the root cause of the CAPA and documenting the entire CAPA process is straightforward.

For Quality Assurance, CloudSuite Industrial has a large set of tools to simplify your processes. One of these is the option to build tailored QA templates. For example, you can use your receiving dashboard to create a method for inspecting receipts and marking receipt data in supplier records. Then, decision-makers can review QA reports designed to help actively monitor your quality assurance. If someone does find an issue, it is simple to look at the product by order, lot, or serial number to extract items that need to be examined.

Using CSI after it is set up is great, but for support during the implementation process, talk to Datix. We offer Infor CloudSuite consulting and have supported thousands of software solutions. We’ll help you through every phase of your ERP journey.


Automation is a powerful tool in CSI and can help ophthalmic manufacturers with numerous tasks. In addition to saving time and reducing errors, you can set up specific automations, such as:

  • Exception notifications: these alert specific users when production falls behind schedule or when specific inventory items need to be reordered (as we mentioned earlier). Managers can stay on top of these issues before they escalate without having to constantly monitor operations and stock
  • Routine activity automation: use templates to send out invoices, late material notices to vendors or order shipping notices to customers automatically. This frees up your employees to spend their time on work that requires their unique skillset

Wrap Up

With CSI, ophthalmic manufacturers can streamline their operations while maintaining compliance. To gain an ERP implementation that meets your specific needs, speak to the team at Datix. As a one-stop shop, we are fully committed to bringing your organization to the next level.

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