ERP and Equipment Performance Tracking

Your equipment is the backbone of your production line. Without it, your team simply won’t be able to function and meet the deadlines you have set for your customers. Companies typically have estimates for when major machinery needs to be replaced, but these timelines can change significantly because of excessive usage, inadequate maintenance, or misuse. Rather than using guesswork to determine when your equipment needs to be replaced, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can provide you with clarity about how your machinery is operating.

Store and Track Data

An ERP system is designed to store and track information. Using sensors and production metrics, you can keep track of your equipment usage. Without an ERP, you may be able to estimate how many hours you used your equipment in a given week, but this doesn’t translate accurately when you try to estimate annual usage. In contrast, an ERP gives you the exact numbers on both the micro and macro scale, so you can assess if you are running your equipment more or less than you anticipated. This will allow you to adjust your plan for when to replace your machinery. For instance, if you see that you are consistently running your machinery 20% more than expected, you can adjust your replacement schedule to match your actual usage.

Analyze Equipment Performance

In the same way, understanding how your equipment is running is imperative to assessing when it needs to be replaced. Using sensors to track key equipment metrics, you can see for yourself if your machinery is running the way you would expect. If it seems to be overheating or working less than optimally, does it need to be cleaned? Are workers following proper equipment procedures? You will know when to start asking these questions with the help of your ERP. An ERP system can show your detailed reports or send out automated notifications when your system is behaving abnormally. Instead of finding out that something is going wrong too late, you can catch problems before they escalate into major issues. An ERP consultant can support you in maximizing your ERP for equipment maintenance. With 25 years’ experience, Datix can tailor your ERP solution to meet your exact needs and increase your competitive advantage.

Schedule and Plan Ahead

Once you assess how your equipment is working, an ERP system can allow you to stay ahead of replacing machinery. Schedule maintenance or replacing your equipment right from your system and automatically notify your team so no one is blindsided. With an ERP partner, it becomes easy to set up an equipment management system. Talk to the team at Datix for support. We will work with you throughout every stage of your ERP journey, from planning to implemention, monitoring your software, and beyond.  

Wrap Up

Equipment performance tracking can save companies millions of dollars by extending the life of their machinery. It can also prevent unplanned downtime by making sure that you don’t have your equipment die in the middle of a busy production cycle. Don’t let guesswork determine the success or failure of your equipment performance.  

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