Gain Real-Time Data with ERP

When production lags because your workers don’t have the information they need, Sales is slow to quote, and you are constantly putting out fires instead of proactively preventing problems, then you have a data issue.

Data is what keeps your business moving forward. If you can’t access accurate, real-time data when you need it, your software is holding you back.

Modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can offer real-time data accessibility, allowing you to run like a well-oiled machine. Here are a few of the advantages real-time data brings with an ERP.

Transform Production

There are so many ways real-time data transforms production. Inventory management becomes immediately easier, with workers being able to implement a First In, First Out (FIFO) system. Not only can you see your inventory levels, but you can also set up automated alerts about restocking. Never halt production because items are out of stock again.

Speaking of items being out of stock, vendor and supply chain management are far simpler to manage with real-time data. You can evaluate how consistently your suppliers are delivering and allow you to evaluate if it is time to look elsewhere to avoid delays.

Quote and Price within Moments

With real-time data accessible, you can close more deals at higher profit margins. When it comes to sales, quick responses can be the key to moving a project forward and outpacing the competition. With real-time data from an ERP accessible, your Sales team can offer prospective customers quotes within moments. Simply being able to quote and price during an organic conversation is much more appealing than a team that has to “get back to you.”

In addition to delivering quotes and prices faster, real-time data lets you choose the best profit margin possible. When you want to price a product, you can look at a wealth of historical data, and review cost-based estimates using the latest raw materials and labor cost numbers. An ERP can also offer customer-specific templates and automate the quoting process to eliminate human error. Instead of pricing and quoting blindly, set up your system to make the process easy.

For an ERP that offers real-time data and exceptional quoting tools, look to Infor CloudSuite Industrial. With CloudSuite Industrial’s CPQ configurator, you can quickly price for ETO (Engineer to Order), MTO (Make to Order), CTO (Configure to Order) and mixed mode orders. We offer Infor CloudSuite consulting to those looking for the benefits of total data transparency. 

If you are unsure how to maximize your ERP, talk to the team at Datix. As ERP and consultants who have implemented thousands of software solutions, we support our clients every step of the way through their ERP journey. From planning to the implementation and beyond, our team will do whatever it takes to bring your business to the next level.

Job Scheduling

Job scheduling has a huge impact on your efficiency. Real-time data allows you to see the big picture when it comes to your production schedule. You can coordinate completing tasks that require the same equipment and hire or train employees to avoid unnecessary downtime. At Datix, we have seen how much an ERP can pay off when it comes to scheduling. Before working with Datix, one of our clients had a weekly leadership meeting which lasted hours, where the company would struggle to organize their job schedule using spreadsheets. After we implemented a modern ERP, job scheduling became simple, and the company saw an immediate increase in production and a boost in morale. Scheduling doesn’t need to be a burden that feels impossible to get right. Our consultants focus on understanding your competitive advantage and exact business processes so we can offer you the best solution possible to grow your business. Discover how working with Datix could transform your organization.

Identify Source of Issues

Problems are inevitable in any business, but you don’t need to experience the same issue over and over. You can stop the cycle of constantly putting out fires by identifying the core sources of problems and resolving them once and for all.

In addition to helping identify core issues, real-time data also allows you spot inconsistencies right away before they escalate into expensive headaches. This can be done by setting up automated notifications for managers so they stay aware of all the moving parts in their sector. As a one-stop shop that’s supported manufacturers for 25 years, Datix can help you resolve the challenges that are slowing your business down. From an integration to hosting, infrastructure support or disaster recovery, Datix has your back.  

Wrap Up

With complete data transparency, your entire enterprise will become clear to you. Don’t wait to gain the benefits of real-time information through your ERP. Talk to the team at Datix to achieve the ERP solution of your dreams.

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