Turn your Company into a Well-Oiled Machine

Organizations can get stuck doing things the wrong way. Clunky, inefficient systems slow your teams down and wear on workers. Delays frustrate both management and your customers, but it feels impossible to move forward. Some of your staff will probably complain that there’s nothing they can do to fix these issues.

That may be true for the short term, but you can change the trajectory of your organization and turn it into a well-oiled machine.

The right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allows you to streamline cumbersome business processes. It pushes everyone and everything to work together in order to complete shared goals. Instead of floundering, it gives you data to make informed decisions and set your company up for success. In this blog, we will share what it means to turn a company into a well-oiled machine.

Streamlined Efficiency

When you think of transforming your organization, the biggest changes probably involve becoming more efficient. Each part of your business is doing what it’s supposed to at optimal levels. Every person is in the right role, working with those around them in seamless collaboration.

That sort of thinking may sound impossible, but it’s not. A modern ERP gives you the tools to simplify business processes. Automating workflows is faster, reduces errors, and makes your workforce happier because they aren’t stuck completing tedious manual tasks.

In terms of modern ERPs, CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) by Infor has the functionality manufacturers need combined with an easy-to-use, flexible interface. For Sales, quoting takes a fraction of the time when you take advantage of Infor CPQ, their configurator for complex pricing environments. From the pricing to the execution on the production line, CSI makes it simple to complete ETO (Engineer to Order), MTO (Make to Order), CTO (Configure to Order) and mixed mode orders.

Finally, with CSI you can eliminate excess from your business. With complete data transparency, you can identify and stop issues that are leading to product defects. With accurate demand planning and forecasting, you can avoid excess production by only producing what you need. To take advantage of all of the benefits of CloudSuite Industrial, speak to our experts at Datix. As an Infor partner, we offer Infor CloudSuite consulting and have 25 years of experience to help us guide your implementation. With our business-first approach, we offer tailored ERP solutions based on your specific needs and competitive advantage.


A Company can build momentum and grow exponentially for a while, but to make it in the long term, you have to take care of it. For manufacturers, that means keeping up with equipment maintenance and eventually replacing outdated technology. That technology could be physical machinery, or it could be outdated software like a legacy ERP system.

 For managing equipment, you can use an ERP like CSI to see how well your machinery is running based on clear metrics. If equipment isn’t running optimally, you can troubleshoot the problem and schedule a repair to resolve the issue. With CSI, it is simple to schedule your equipment maintenance and replacements without completely disturbing your production schedule.

When it comes to maintaining ERP software, the ERP you choose makes a big difference in how long it offers cutting-edge functionalities. Some cloud ERP vendors only offer patch updates to their system that fix glitches or offer cybersecurity protection. While important to do, these updates are keeping your ERP at the same level without offering any new technology. Vendors like Epicor® may offer new modules, but for an additional fee.

In contrast, Infor concentrates on ensuring their software and ERP infrastructure is strong. Their updates often include (mostly) complimentary new functionalities and modules that help you gain even greater efficiency over time. In turn, Infor utilizes a partner ecosystem with affiliated ERP consultants who specialize in providing high-quality support for their clients. As one of these consultants, Datix knows how to allow your ERP to grow with you. From the planning to the training, implementation, and beyond, Datix will support you through every part of your business transformation.

Wrap Up

An ERP solution like CloudSuite Industrial allows you to maximize your competitive advantage and avoid the pitfalls that are holding you back. Implementing a new ERP can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. As ERP experts that have implemented thousands of solutions, we know what it takes to achieve optimal results.

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