How a Cloud ERP Grows with You

A cloud ERP is an information resource for your manufacturing data that allows you to make informed decisions about your business. With a cloud ERP, everyone has critical information at their fingertips. Without it, leadership is making decisions blindly, which can lead to losses that sink your organization. However, manufacturers looking to invest in a cloud ERP need to choose a system that will stand the test of time. Learn how to maximize the value of your cloud ERP with these simple strategies.

Focus on Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement (CI) is potentially one of the greatest benefits of a cloud ERP, if it is executed correctly. Continuous improvement is about focusing on how to find ways to enhance business processes. With its extensive data capabilities, ERP can greatly support continuous improvement by streamlining quality standards and business processes. With its ability to offer transparent data, it reveals gaps, inconsistencies, or outdated methodology in your key processes. For instance, organizations new to cloud ERP are often able to simplify tracking and managing orders, shop floor activities and shipments. Insight into how your organization is actually operating provides clarity about how to improve by eliminating areas of waste and continually to reducing excess costs. To gain these improvements, it is important to have an ERP that is set up correctly and is tailored to your needs. It is also best to proactively consider how your software will need to adapt as your company grows and to plan ahead for these changes. If you want to gain simplicity and optimal efficiency through continuous improvement, look to an ERP partner like Datix. We utilize a business-first approach with our clients, meaning that we take the time to understand your business so that we can you offer the best possible continuous improvement plan (CIP).

Take Advantage of New Functionalities

All ERP systems will offer some patch updates to fix bugs, but it is vital to research and take advantage of new functionalities offered by your cloud ERP. These modules and functionalities will keep you ahead of the competition and allow for even greater continuous improvement. However, not all cloud ERP vendors offer these new functionalities in the same way. Some vendors offer new modules, but only for a price. This adds to your total ERP costs and means that the vendor has an incentive to keep releasing new modules to make a profit, rather than improving their existing software. In contrast, there are cloud ERP vendors that focus on strengthening their software and ERP infrastructure over time offer because they want to gain your trust. These vendors will offer new functionalities and modules (mostly) for free, allowing your software to grow with your business and the latest technological advances. To find a cloud ERP that will grow with you, talk to the ERP consultants at Datix. As a one-stop shop with 25 years of experience supporting manufacturers, we make finding an executing an ERP solution a simple process. Unlike other consultants, our team will carefully select the right solution for your business based on your needs. Learn how Datix makes ERP solutions easy.

Wrap Up

No one wants to be overtaken by the competition because of software that is holding you back. Let the team at Datix unlock your organization’s potential by maximizing a cloud ERP solution.

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