Finding an ERP Vendor and ERP Consultant You Can Trust


Relationships can make or break the success of your ERP. When deciding whether to upgrade or replace your system, it is necessary to ask these critical questions: what kind of relationship do you want with your ERP vendor? What kind of relationship do you want with your ERP consultant? Your vendor and ERP consultant have the potential to be a valuable part of your team and provide the keys to maximizing your business processes. Unfortunately, the wrong vendor or consultant will drag your organization down with delayed response times, miscommunications and a reluctance to innovate. Here’s what to look for when choosing an ERP vendor and ERP consultant.

Not All ERP Vendors are the Same

Manufacturers generally want simple things from their software vendors: reasonable turnaround times for replying to messages, necessary updates for their software, a convenient setup for licensing, quick support and problem solving when issues arise, minimal downtime of your ERP, straightforward reconciliation if necessary for billing inconsistencies. Yet, these expectations are often not delivered on. After working with a less-than-impressive provider, it may seem like it isn’t possible to find a vendor that meets your business standards and values their existing customers.

Many manufacturers give up, believing that “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.” However, this is not always true. Don’t assume that one vendor’s inability to perform is an indication of how the others operate. Cloud providers, in particular, range significantly in quality with the best ones operating from a cloud-first, cloud-focused approach. This approach means that the provider concentrates on ensuring their software and ERP infrastructure are strong to keep your system updated, offer (mostly) complimentary new functionalities and modules, and minimize your system’s issues or downtime. In turn, these vendors utilize a partner ecosystem with affiliated ERP consultants who specialize in providing high-quality support for their clients. When it comes to developing solid software and offering comprehensive support, any vendor that claims to “do it all” is probably mediocre at both. If you are looking for a new ERP vendor, Datix can help. As a nonbiased one-stop-shop for software solutions with 25 years in the industry, we have an in-depth understanding of vendors and the best practices for ERP.

Not All ERP Consultants are the Same

With an uninvested ERP consultant, it is nearly impossible to get the most out of your ERP. You may have a clear vision of how you want your system to operate, but an expert can offer guidance on the best way to execute your vision and take advantage of new modules that become available. Some ERP consultants are only interested in offering the same out-of-the-box implementation to every client and leaving them to their own devices after the implementation is “done.” Fortunately, there are consultants who take a business-first approach to ERP and are dedicated to understanding the specific challenges of each of their customers in order to offer them comprehensive solutions. These solutions usually combine prebuilt ERP software from a cutting-edge vendor with some customization to ensure that the organization’s needs are met. Unlike vendors who only know about one system, the right ERP consultant will have expert staff who are skilled in a variety of software so they can help manufacturers that struggle with disconnected software. This type of partner will work with you throughout the lifespan of your ERP solution to ensure that your solution is working to the fullest, rather than leaving when the implementation is over. In short, your ERP consultant should be a resource to making your business a success that you can rely on to take your software beyond what you believe possible. With Datix, you know you are working with the best. We offer a business-first, one-stop-shop approach to software solutions and are committed to supporting our clients every step of the way.

Wrap Up

Your relationship with your ERP vendor and consultant can make or break your system. Working with a vendor and consultant will be a struggle if it’s the wrong fit, but it is possible to develop true partnerships with organizations that you grow to know, like and trust because they align with your company’s values. If you find an ERP vendor and ERP consultant that treat their clients the way you treat your customers and is aligned with your business approach, then you are sure to set your organization up for success.

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