Microsoft Dynamics 365 Releases New AI Functionality

MD365 AI

Artificial Intelligence for CRM 

Earlier this week, we published an overview of Salesforce’s latest developments from its Dreamforce 2018 conference. But not to be outdone, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is releasing new CRM applications available for public preview this month. These latest sales, marketing and customer service tools include embedded artificial intelligence (AI) functionality to enhance front-office performance. We’ll break down these landmark improvements and explain how they can be leveraged to strengthen your bottom line.  

Dynamics 365 AI 

It’s simply unacceptable to treat all customers the same. That certainly doesn’t mean that some buyers should be treated better than others; it means that every customer is different. Each journey should be tailored to each buyer’s industry and unique needs. This level of personalization requires more than a large array of customer data or a committed sales team. To maximize customer experiences, you’ll need robust AI technology. 

AI transforms historical and real-time data into actionable insight. By utilizing machine learning technology, it provides accurate predictions and suggestions to enable powerful decision making. Decades of research went into making the Dynamics 365 AI solutions as sophisticated as possible to help users gain a complete view of their front-end processes.

These applications for sales, customer service and market insights offer out-of-the-box intelligence throughout your front office. Using embedded insights, Dynamics 365 AI for Sales provides sophisticated lead scoring to help sellers make the right move to forward the pipeline. Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service assists employees in making the best decisions to provide strong customer experiences without any coding required. With the Market Insights application, marketers can leverage 360-degree insight to improve customer relationships, build stronger campaigns and act on the latest trends.  

What’s always set Microsoft Dynamics 365 apart from other vendors is its seamless connectivity with other platforms. This makes the new AI functionality even stronger. By leveraging information from LinkedIn, Office 365 and other Microsoft tools, the AI applications enhance productivity and provide consistent data across multiple platforms. When users take advantage of this cutting-edge technology, they gain a more comprehensive view of customers and increase their efficiency and revenue. 

Wrap Up 

Now more than ever, business success depends on providing fast, consistent and personalized customer experiences. CRM vendors have to bring their A game to generate ground-breaking solutions that optimize enterprise performance. With this latest release, Microsoft shows its commitment to continuous innovation. Dynamics 365 AI includes powerful tools designed to guide users to higher sales and better customer service. 

To implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 in line with your business processes, get in touch with Datix. A certified partner of the CRM vendor, we know what it takes to execute implementations, upgrades, customizations and integrations to fit with your unique business needs. By doing whatever it takes to serve our clients, we’ve established ourselves as premier enterprise software consultants. Reach out to us today to elevate your front-office strategies!  


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