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Use eCommerce to Connect with Customers 

The Relationship Era, the Customer Revolution, the Digital Age—whatever you want to call our current period in customer relationships, the bottom line is this: Digital innovation has transformed how customers find and interact with businesses, and with that has come greater consumer expectations. Whether B2B or B2C, manufacturing or retail, having an online store is essential to providing the fast, easy service and transactions customers crave. Below, we explain some of the most effective methods of using Magento eCommerce to attract online business.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Product discoverability is a prime motivator for implementing eCommerce software. But people won’t automatically find your business once your website goes live. Overtaking your competition in search results requires staying on top of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards. SEO is the process of implementing strategies and tools to improve your ranking on search results pages, thereby increasing traffic to your online store.  

Businesses must keep SEO in mind throughout every step of their website creation and maintenance. That means utilizing Google Analytics and Magento data to find the most appropriate keywords. You must also add alt text to product images so that they become discoverable on image searches. Don’t forget to carefully design content for landing pages, blog posts and product descriptions. By making your content unique, engaging and descriptive, you can help your search rankings soar and encourage visitors to linger on your site until they reach the checkout page.  

Magento provides a solid foundation for strong SEO. Its astounding array of add-ons and plug-ins can improve your site’s usability and generate powerful insights. The responsive design also makes it fast and interactive for customers and easy to maintain for businesses. Magento eCommerce includes robust functionality to create attractive, SEO-friendly stores.  

Social Media 

Social media has become an essential method of connecting with prospective customers. By creating relevant hashtags, posting enticing images and always linking back to your website, you can help new buyers learn about your products and services. As you develop your social media strategies, conduct research and view analytics to schedule your posts at the right time on the right platforms. Don’t be afraid to spend a little money to boost high-performing posts—this is a potential avenue for exposing your business to new eyes.   

In addition, use social media to motivate your customers to promote your business. Buyers are more likely to trust their close friends and colleagues than anyone else. Therefore, when your customers spread the word about your products, you’re likely to find their friends perusing your site. Use Magento to add social media buttons to your pages, so visitors can easily share your content across their accounts. Furthermore, offer deals for customers who recommend their friends, and create calls-to-action (CTA) on your social platforms to encourage buyer recommendations and feedback.  


Both B2C and B2B buyers lack the patience to wait several seconds for pages to load or information to download on their mobile devices. That’s why businesses must start taking a mobile-first approach to their web stores. This is no easy task—there’s a reason why cart abandonment rates or even higher on mobile platforms than desktops. Several nuances are involved in optimizing your online store for any device. For example, links and buttons must be large enough to click easily, while text needs to be readable even on a phone. 

Your website also needs to perform fast. Mobile users are on the go, so they’re in a hurry to access information. Compress images so they don’t slow down your pages. Include autocomplete features in your search engines to enable visitors to quickly find what they need. Leverage the Instant Purchase feature on your Magento platform to allow customers to checkout in a single click using saved addresses and payment methods. By designing a mobile-responsive store that performs fast, you can increase your mobile conversion rates—and your revenue. 

Email Campaigns 

Don’t leave email out of your online marketing and sales strategies. Email still serves as an effective means for connecting with prospective and existing clients. By targeting campaigns to specific buyers, you can build trust with your customers (and stay out of their spam folders) and provide useful content to get them back on your web store. Perhaps you want to promote upcoming products to repeat customers, ask for feedback from new buyers or create newsletters that link to helpful blog posts. Carefully targeted email campaigns create the personalized experiences that modern customers expect. 

With Magento, you can leverage advanced segmentation and a complete view of your customers to develop emails. Magento equips users with drag-and-drop tools that make it easier than ever to make automated campaigns. You can also include forms to subscribe to email newsletters on your eCommerce site.  

Wrap Up  

There are more ways than ever to connect with your customers, but to capitalize on these opportunities successfully, your business must have the right technology and strategies in place. Magento is an eCommerce vendor with all the tools available to drive your online sales and bolster your brand’s reputation. When you harness the power of this flexible, robust software, you can optimize buyer’s journeys across every channel. 

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