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Salesforce’s Einstein AI platform debuted in the CRM market in 2016, and it’s already grown to provide an average of one billion predictions to each client every day. Its impressive performance demonstrates that enterprise artificial intelligence isn’t going to be a passing fad. In fact, AI-related CRM spending is poised to increase almost five-fold in the next few years. The reason for AI’s popularity: optimized business processes. Einstein solutions streamline sales pipelines, offer accurate forecasts and power 360-degree insight to enhance front-office performance.  

AI technology isn’t slowing down, and neither is Salesforce. Check out the new Einstein tools that Salesforce recently unveiled to improve customer service initiatives.  

Einstein Bots for Service 

In the world of AI, the word “bots” refers to automated programs that run over the internet. Bots have been especially critical in customer service, as chatbots facilitate quick communication between agents and website visitors. With Einstein Bots for Service, Salesforce is taking bots to the next level.  

The new bots will automate routine service requests, providing immediate responses by using customer history. The machine learning technology enables the program to become more sophisticated over time as it responds to more requests, allowing it to provide excellent customer experiences. This will free up more time for service agents to fully address complex customer queries. Because Einstein Bots are built into the Salesforce Service Cloud, they can seamlessly access the caller’s data without extra work or coding from the user.  

Einstein Next Best Action 

Einstein Next Best Action is a new solution that maximizes the value of your data to amplify your customer service efficiency. Using predictive and rules-based models, the tool provides agents with service recommendations directly in the Service Cloud console. By delivering these insights, Einstein Next Best Action increases upsell opportunities, improves customer experiences and resolves cases faster. Rather than use guesswork or take up customers’ time by traversing through documents and data, agents can confidently assist customers using quick, fact-based recommendations. 

Wrap Up  

As AI becomes an increasingly powerful force in the modern enterprise, leveraging this technology effectively will set your company apart from the competition. Count on Datix to make the most of Salesforce and AI. Datix is a certified partner of Salesforce, making it a premier consulting firm for CRM solutions and services.  

On top of that, we’ve built Unity, an integration platform that connects Epicor ERP with Salesforce. Software integration is the best method of maximizing your software investment. Salesforce Einstein is even more impactful when it’s coupled with your back-end systems, powering end-to-end visibility and process automation.  

Pursue greater enterprise innovation and insight—reach out to Datix today to learn more about our software services and solutions! 


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