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Epicor ERP 10 Upgrade

Epicor 10 Drives Business Growth 

A study by Aberdeen Group found that the number one reason why businesses upgrade their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is to take advantage of new functionality. After all, enterprise technology moves at lightning speed. New methods of maximizing your company’s productivity and data are rolling out all the time—if you’re not grasping these opportunities, you’ll find yourself behind your competition and losing deals. Not to mention, you’ll be sacrificing your data’s integrity and experiencing costly errors if you refuse to upgrade your ERP.  

Epicor is one of the top ERP vendors because of its commitment to continuously improve its manufacturing and distribution solutions. With Epicor 10, the provider has pulled out all the stops, boosting its architecture, interface and analytics to offer dynamic user experiences and insights to optimize processes. Below, we explain how an upgrade to E10 can supercharge your operations.   

Advanced Analytics

A key advantage of upgrading to Epicor 10 is the incredible insight powered by innovative tools. Legacy systems simply can’t keep up with the mass amount of data your business generates each day. Every additional metric and report slows your system down, and outdated features fail to deliver actionable insight from all this information.  

E10 introduced new features to ensure that users get the most from their data. Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) is a business intelligence (BI) solution that provides pre-built analytics packs that use financial and operational data to create predictions and demonstrate weaknesses in your supply chain. With version 10.2, Epicor furthered its analytics capabilities by creating a home page with a built-in BI solution, Epicor Data Discovery (EDD). EDD provides real-time production metrics, historical data, predictions and KPIs at your fingertips. These sophisticated tracking and analytics tools offer a comprehensive view of your organization, so you can address immediate concerns and plan for future growth. 

Intuitive Interface 

Epicor knows that no analytics or tracking feature can make your system worthwhile if it’s too difficult to use. That’s why it pays extra attention to its software’s user interface with each new release. E10 updated the look and feel of the ERP platform, making navigation and help features more intuitive so users can easily find what they need. The system is also touch-enabled, so users can perform more tasks from their mobile devices.  

Epicor 10.2’s home page further improved the overall user experience. Users get dizzy trying to find and make sense of an array of datasets and reports. By enabling users to personalize their home pages, Epicor makes the interface more valuable. Employees can easily modify their pages to show the data they need most, choosing the charts, layout and design that are most meaningful. These enhancements make it easier than ever to drill into critical data for better decision-making.  

Secure Cloud Hosting 

The importance of cloud computing in enterprise technology can’t be overstated. Cloud hosting offers a range of advantages, from increased flexibility to lower maintenance costs. It’s the easiest method of implementing and upgrading your ERP software. But not all cloud platforms are equal. Nobody understands that more than Epicor, which is a pioneer in offering a variety of on-premises and cloud hosting options. 

Just this year, Epicor took its ERP solutions to the next level by teaming up with Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is the leader in cloud computing, providing unparalleled security and performance. Microsoft not only makes several copies of data in near real-time but also facilitates rapid recovery in the unlikely event that data centers are inoperable. No other cloud provider can compete with this level of security. Azure also includes an array of innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), to drive smarter business operations. Organizations can rest assured that their data and processes will run smoothly with Epicor hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.  

Wrap Up 

Businesses sometimes dread the prospect of upgrading their enterprise software, but rather than think of the process as a burden, consider it an opportunity to gain cutting-edge technology that facilitates growth. To make your upgrade hassle-free, team up with the experienced consultants at Datix. Datix is an Epicor Platinum Partner, making us the premier ERP expert. From start to finish, we execute implementations, upgrades and more projects in line with each client’s specific requirements.  

Furthermore, we’ve created Unity, a pre-built integration solution that seamlessly connects Epicor with a myriad of systems, such as CRM, eCommerce and marketing automation software. Software integrations maximize the value of your software investment by streamlining processes and offering visibility from the shop floor to the top floor.  

Take advantage of innovations that can transform your enterprise—contact Datix today to upgrade to Epicor ERP 10!  


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