ERP is Driving the Future of American Manufacturing

ERP Future American Manufacturing

Epicor ERP Transforms Manufacturing

Halfway through the year, U.S. manufacturing is showing no signs of slowing down. The National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) most recent Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey found that over 95% of manufacturers have a positive outlook for their company, the highest level ever recorded. American manufacturers have undergone tremendous developments recently and are expected to continue increasing revenue and experiencing historic growth.

It’s no coincidence that this progress is occurring at a time when enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is more available and user-friendly than ever. ERP’s scalability and comprehensive tools power manufacturing growth by enhancing efficiency and insight. ERP continues to expand its functionality, driving the future of manufacturing. Check out our manufacturing growth infographic, and read on to learn about the specific manufacturing improvements that ERP has made possible.

Epicor Manufacturing Growth

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Process Automation

Startup manufacturers tend to rely on simple accounting platforms or spreadsheets, but once they start making some headway in their industry, they find that these systems aren’t supporting their growth strategies or more complicated processes. A modular ERP instance transforms these burgeoning enterprises by connecting critical modules into one solution that effectively manages and automates operations.

Let’s take Epicor as an example. Epicor has served as the optimal solution for manufacturers for over 40 years because of its interconnected ERP modules and suites, such as inventory management, financial management and quality management. With a cohesive solution, businesses can automate rote tasks, reducing the time it takes to pull data and coordinate across departments. This automation improves efficiency, prevents downtime and supports complicated procedures throughout the supply chain.


A successful manufacturing company must always be a step ahead in serving customers, adopting technology and preparing for future growth. Manufacturers can’t afford to ignore the advantages of innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data processing and business intelligence (BI). ERP is the glue that brings this cutting-edge technology together.

Epicor enables users to take advantage of these new developments. Epicor monitors equipment performance so users can detect lapses on the shop floor before they disrupt production. Additionally, the ERP software ties together your equipment and the data generated through sensors to help you run an efficient IoT enterprise. Big data is transformed into readable reports and forecasts that empower smarter, faster decision making. With Epicor 10.2, employees can also leverage sophisticated BI tools right on their home page. Epicor Data Discovery (EDD) is embedded into the personalized home page, allowing users to track critical datasets in real time.

Workplace Transformation

In the past few years, U.S. manufacturing has struggled to attract young recruits, increasing businesses’ susceptibility to major skills gaps. However, NAM’s study shows that manufacturers are projecting historic growth in hiring. ERP solutions can continue this new trend by transforming the factory floor. Millennials have the highest expectations from their work environments. They crave greater transparency, valuable experiences and improved communication—all qualities that Epicor can instill in a workplace.

As we’ve established, Epicor ERP connects various modules into one system, increasing transparency and process automation. With this improved transparency, users can understand how their tasks fit into the rest of the enterprise and more easily collaborate. Epicor further enhances collaboration with the Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) module, which provides instant notifications on your home page and simplifies communication, just like a social media platform. Automated processes and innovative technology free up more time for employees to work on more interesting, revenue-generating tasks rather than manually plug in data and perform other rote tasks for hours at a time. These changes are bound to continue enticing the workforce into the manufacturing industry.

Wrap Up

Your future is bright when you implement Epicor ERP to transform your manufacturing business. An Epicor Platinum Partner, Datix has been an expert in ERP projects for over 20 years. From start to finish, we ensure your solution aligns with your business goals, even as your enterprise develops and expands. Unity, our pre-built integration platform, seamlessly connects Epicor with an array of software, including CRM and eCommerce. With our affordable, hassle-free integrations, manufacturers enjoy streamlined processes and 360-degree insight to support even greater business improvements.

Let Datix serve as your one-stop shop for enterprise software solutions. Get in touch with us today, and make us a part of your manufacturing growth strategy!


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