Magento: A Must for Manufacturers

Magento eCommerce Manufacturing

Magento eCommerce for Manufacturing

Are you still taking phone orders from clients? Are you still spending way too much money on paper catalogs that are just getting pushed aside before they ever reach potential customers? Too many manufacturers still rely on these outdated methods and are missing out on countless business opportunities. It’s time you got an online store, and it can be easier to set up than you think if you use the eCommerce platform Magento.

eCommerce for Manufacturers

Although eCommerce is typically seen as a platform reserved for B2C businesses and consumer goods, it can also become a powerful tool for any manufacturing or distribution business. That’s where Magento comes in—the platform is uniquely built to be highly customizable and thus amenable to the different eCommerce needs of a manufacturer. Magento’s Enterprise Edition allows businesses to create unique online stores, and powerful eCommerce experiences for their customers, and make it easier for potential clients to find your products through a Google search or online social promotion.

With Magento, a business can deliver an integrated and customized shopping platform across any device with built-in themes, or use the platform’s unique open source code to customize its own. Because the software uses open source coding, it is much more flexible and easier to manipulate, as opposed to platforms like Shopify which many manufacturers find too rigid. Superior content management tools can also help your business enrich customer experience with personalized content, promotions and pricing. Throw away that heavy manual, start saving on paper and get eCommerce for your manufacturing business.

Implementing and Integrating eCommerce

Now that you’re convinced that eCommerce is the next step for your manufacturing business, there are a few more considerations to make. You’ll want to ensure that any software you run currently will be amenable to integration. If you don’t integrate your Magento and ERP software and connect your shop floor operations and your customers, you introduce human error into your sales cycle and run the risk of making costly mistakes. What if a sales person just transferring orders from Magento to Epicor enters the wrong numbers, or product, from an order into the ERP? How will your online site know when to advertise that a certain product is low or out of stock if Magento doesn’t have access to inventory data? eCommerce and ERP integration is a must, and that integration needs to be a part of the conversation when you even start thinking about Magento or ERP implementation.  

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve read some of the benefits that an eCommerce implementation or integration can have for manufacturers, the next step is to find the right team to execute your project. Datix’s consultants come from a wide variety of manufacturing and distribution industries, making us prepared to help clients take advantage of Magento. 

If you’re looking for a solution for ERP and Magento integration, look no further than Unity. It’s Datix’s pre-built platform designed to integrate Epicor ERP with a multitude of enterprise applications, including Magento. With Unity, you can seamlessly connect software with no custom coding required on your end.

We have developers that work extensively with both platforms, and consultants that have implemented countless instances of Magento and Epicor for clients across the world and across industries: manufacturing, distribution—you name it. Contact us to hear more about our leading solutions and how we could build one just for you!


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