Integrate ERP and CRM to Improve Order Management


Achieve Perfect Order Fulfillment 

All manufacturers and distributors are in pursuit of perfect order fulfillment. But with complex production lines and supply chains, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to deliver accurate orders on time and without damage. With customer demands at an all-time high, order performance that’s less than perfect won’t cut it.  

That’s why businesses need to go beyond enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and integrate their front and back-office systems. ERP helps users create agile supply chains, but it can’t smooth over all the hitches in your order fulfillment processes without critical customer data from your customer relationship management (CRM) software. Find out how integrating ERP and CRM can optimize your order cycles. 

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Accurate, Real-Time Data 

One of the most powerful advantages of software integration is gaining a 360-degree view of your enterprise. ERP alone offers a wealth of up-to-date data and process automation. The Epicor 10 configurator, for example, automates complex documents and BOMs and carefully tracks every order. Epicor also includes a sophisticated inventory management module to minimize delays and errors.  

Merging this data with your CRM introduces even greater efficiency. Using customer data, you can respond quickly to changes in deliveries and gain accurate information to assure orders are precise and on time. Unity, our pre-built integration application, is built to automatically transfer accounts, RMAs, orders and other information between your systems without customization. By leveraging Unity to gain correct, real-time data across your enterprise, your users won’t miss a beat throughout the order cycle. 

Demand Planning 

When processes are siloed, reliable demand planning becomes impossible, resulting in poor order fulfillment and management. An ERP and CRM integration houses enterprise data in one place to streamline production and enable accurate forecasting. Maximize the value of Epicor’s sophisticated forecasting and predictive analytics tools by syncing historical and real-time CRM data. Leveraging customer data, your ERP software can accurately calculate demand, so you can supply the right quantity of materials and schedule production lines effectively. Precise demand planning will help you avoid stockouts as well as inventory waste, saving you money while satisfying customers.  


Manufacturers and distributors inevitably reach a point when their QuickBooks or legacy software instance can’t account for the complex processes and production volume of their growing enterprise. Epicor’s architecture is designed to scale to your evolving business, so you can effectively handle abrupt changes. Integrating your ERP and CRM systems makes your business even more agile. By being able to manage your entire enterprise from one platform, you can adapt to new business developments and streamline complex operations from the top floor to the shop floor. This will ensure you provide accurate, on-time orders even as your business grows. 

Order Tracking 

Order management isn’t just about getting everything to your customer’s doorstep on time; it’s also about keeping your buyers informed throughout the process. A major benefit of managing your business from one platform is being able to provide accurate information to customers. Without an integration, sales and service reps can’t rapidly answer every customer query. Gaining insight into product availability, pricing and order status requires digging into unfamiliar ERP interfaces. An integration allows your front-office users to instantly grab this information from their CRM, so customers always know when to expect their orders.  

Datix has taken this visibility to the next level with our Unity Order Tracker. Built directly into Unity, the visual tracker leverages information from your Epicor instance to give sales and service reps insight into order statuses right from their CRM dashboards. When customers have questions, your front offices can quickly tell them exactly where their order is and when it’s expected to be delivered. This level of service will help distinguish you from your competition.

Streamlining manufacturing and distribution operations is all about building a cohesive enterprise. That entails syncing your back-end and front-end data to create a complete picture of your processes. As customer demands increase, this 360-degree insight and efficiency becomes more and more valuable. Integrating ERP and CRM can help you achieve perfect order fulfillment and optimized productivity, giving you an edge over competitors. 

Wrap Up 

An Epicor Platinum Partner in business for over 20 years, Datix has established itself as a leader in enterprise software implementations and integrations. In addition to our CRM, ERP and eCommerce solutions, we also built our Unity integration application to seamlessly connect your platforms. Our expert consultants rapidly install Unity to help you gain ROI in no time. Plus, we manage the scalable solution throughout its lifetime to take the stress out of upgrades and maintenance. 

To learn more about our integration solutions and services, get in touch with Datix today! 


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