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Salesforce CRM Success Stories 

Mergers and acquisitions, growing customer expectations, complex processes—all this and more put a strain on manufacturing sales cycles. Manufacturers must redesign front-end operations in response to both internal and external challenges, but where should they begin?  

To transform their sales performance, manufacturers often turn to customer relationship management (CRM) software, especially Salesforce. The top CRM vendor, Salesforce leads the industry in innovative technology and has a proven track record for helping a wide variety of businesses strengthen their bottom lines. Below, we provide a few Salesforce success stories to demonstrate how the CRM solution empowers manufacturers to boost sales.  

Fireclay Tile

A sustainable tile manufacturer, Fireclay Tile refurbishes old materials to design handmade tiles. However, their outdated software was beyond refurbishment. Their FileMaker Pro database and stand-alone accounting system stunted client communication and required duplicate data entry, resulting in lost orders and inefficiency.  

Ready for a change, they implemented Salesforce to manage huge email lists and gain real-time insights into their sales pipeline. Their new, flexible CRM platform enabled them to support multiple business functions and simplify processes. The results were astonishing. Fireclay achieved 400 percent new lead growth, doubled the completion rate for on-time orders and reduced accounting overhead by 85 percent. Salesforce empowered this small manufacturer to make big improvements.  

Schneider Electric 

With its energy management and power distribution products installed in 40-60 percent of buildings in all the world’s major cities, Schneider Electric has been called “the world’s biggest invisible brand.” Like many manufacturers, Schneider Electric faced major IT challenges as it grew and acquired companies. They needed to unite its tens of thousands of employees on a single CRM platform. 

To do this, they turned to Salesforce. Using Salesforce, Schneider replaced around a hundred platforms and data silos with one, agile platform. Though their initial CRM implementations resulted in low user adoption, Salesforce was readily embraced by employees across 70 countries. Schneider has also utilized the platform to leverage innovative IoT and AI technology to glean new customer insights. On top of that, Salesforce has helped their mobile workforce manage front-end processes from their devices while on the go. With Salesforce, Schneider operates as one to deliver energy across the globe.  

Echo Engineering 

Echo Engineering and Production Supplies has been offering masking products to a variety of industries for over 50 years, but as it expanded in recent years, it noticed hundreds of loyal customers parting ways. Echo needed to explore new solutions and strategies to understand their customers and manage their complex processes.  

Once they decided to implement Salesforce, they didn’t turn back. The CRM solution enhanced their visibility and efficiency. With automated workflows and in-depth insights, sales reps can engage prospects throughout long lead cycles and appeal to customers across multiple industries. By automating record-keeping processes and visually tracking customer orders in real time, Salesforce has enabled Echo to become more customer-centric and decrease sales response time from five days to 24 hours.  

Wrap Up 

Salesforce is the number one CRM vendor for a reason. From SMBs to global powerhouses, Salesforce provides the innovative features and user-friendly tools to transform your manufacturing performance. But most manufacturers don’t achieve this success alone. With a strong grasp of CRM best practices and industry experience, CRM consultants serve as valuable resources for ensuring software projects hit their targets.  

A certified Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM partner, Datix is a leading CRM expert. We help manufacturers and distributors determine the right solution for their unique needs. Additionally, with our Unity integration solution, our consultants seamlessly connect Epicor ERP with front-end software to form a single source of truth. Unity can be rapidly installed to streamline end-to-end operations in no time.  

Don’t let customer relationships slip through the cracks. Contact Datix today to transform your business with software!  


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