How Does Epicor ERP Generate 264% ROI?

Epicor ERP ROI

Maximize ROI with Epicor ERP 

When embarking on an ERP implementation, few factors are more important to consider than return on investment (ROI). After all, the point of enterprise software is to drive value from the shop floor to the top floor. One ERP solution proven to generate high ROI is Epicor. According to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, Epicor delivered 264% ROI over three years to the typical manufacturing customer. That means you can count on Epicor to boost your bottom line. 

But just how does the ERP vendor produce such high ROI? Below, we dive deeper into Forrester’s study, describing the specific benefits that manufacturers have reaped after implementing Epicor.  

Inventory Management 

Forrester found that the biggest savings came from inventory management, noting $4.4 million in inventory benefits from the composite manufacturer. Epicor ERP offers cross-enterprise visibility, enabling users to forecast demand, track incoming orders and easily coordinate processes between facilities. The comprehensive Inventory Management module supports global trade standards and extensive tracking functionality, so you never lose sight of your materials and products.   

Manual inventory counting and order tracking take a tremendous toll on manufacturers, making just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing impossible and sacrificing efficiency. Real-time inventory management powered by Epicor automates processes across the supply chain, resulting in a 10% improvement in inventory accuracy and a 67% reduction in inventory counting efforts. Manufacturers can enjoy greater precision and productivity with Epicor’s advanced inventory management tools.  

Planning and Scheduling 

Manufacturers often turn to Epicor after struggling with delays, production errors and inefficient line loading. These issues in planning and scheduling result in overtime, rework, expedited shipping costs and other difficulties that hurt your bottom line. Businesses turn these problems around with Epicor. According to Forrester, the composite manufacturer earned $1 million in planning and scheduling benefits.  

Epicor’s planning and scheduling features provide manufacturers with the flexibility and agility to stay on task and tackle new demands. Users can schedule effectively and easily monitor operations, allowing better production accuracy and greater efficiency for planners, schedulers, customer service and production line operators. This results in tremendous savings in expedited shipping, rework and overtime reduction.  

IT Savings 

Most of the surveyed manufacturers depended on disjointed legacy ERP systems before making the switch to Epicor. These businesses managed processes in siloed software applications or homegrown solutions. Several firms also hosted different ERP platforms for different facilities. By centralizing data and operations on Epicor, the composite manufacturer gained $2.3 million in IT benefits. 

By replacing multiple legacy systems with Epicor, businesses discovered major IT savings, cutting $800,000 in annual maintenance fees and infrastructure costs. Rather than work across various platforms, IT teams could focus their time on a single, comprehensive solution. Those who deployed Epicor in the cloud enjoyed even greater benefits, such as automatic updates and more affordable infrastructure. By simplifying IT management, manufacturers enjoy fewer errors, fewer costs and more efficiency.  

Wrap Up 

As the study reveals, Epicor drives value throughout manufacturing enterprises, offering major returns on your investment. A leading ERP vendor for over 45 years, Epicor knows what manufacturers need to optimize their business performance.  

But reaping sizable ROI depends on the success of your ERP implementation and upkeep. Datix, a certified Epicor partner, has expert consultants skilled in executing ERP projects from start to finish. Experienced in multiple manufacturing and distribution environments, our consultants know how to align your software to your specific business needs. With a variety of services and solutions under one roof, we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to maximize the value of your software. 

Start transforming your business with software. Get in touch with one of the ERP experts at Datix today!  


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