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PandaDoc Document Management Software

When a manufacturer or distributor lets a piece of their document management strategy fall through the cracks, they’re also letting deals escape them. Your collateral, SOWs, contracts and other content form the backbone of your interactions between sales teams and clients. That means mishandled documents could derail customer relationships. What can you do to prevent these costly errors?

Answer: implement paperless document management strategies. Document management software, such as PandaDoc, can streamline content creation and delivery to speed up sales pipelines while maintaining accuracy. The solution maintains all your documents in one platform, not dispersed in haphazard stacks of files. Below, we explain the benefits of implementing a document management system to keep your content strategies up to par.

Efficient Management

Rather than maintain disjointed folders and files, PandaDoc consolidates all your content into one place. When you integrate PandaDoc with CRM software, proposals are automatically filled with prospect information and product data, reducing your document creation time by up to 50%. Plus, your business doesn’t have to wait on clients to return scans and faxes as PandaDoc’s legally binding eSignature enables customers to sign documents on any device.

Recent changes allow users to more easily track and collaborate on documents. The updated Dashboard shows instantly if a document has moved to a new stage as well as the most recent changes. Additionally, the mobile app makes users productive even while they’re on the go. No matter where you are, you can forward PDFs to contacts from any mobile device. By serving as the core of your documentation, PandaDoc makes your workplace more productive and responsive to clients.

Accurate Information

Having a central hub for document creation improves not only efficiency but also accuracy. Instead of manually entering information and going back and forth between applications to double-check for errors, all the information you need is autofilled into your contents. This ensures that everything in your documentation is correct, without any tedious work on your end. PandaDoc also includes a built-in auto calculation feature that prevents you from botching documents with mathematical errors. The tool automatically calculates figures such as taxes, profit margins and discounts to make sure no number is out of place.

Attractive Collateral 

Sure, the top concerns of any document management strategy are accuracy and efficiency, but you shouldn’t sideline your content’s appearance. A variety of eye-catching templates enable your business to present enticing, interactive collateral that reflects the quality of your company’s work. Templates make it easier to create consistent business documents, as the same design can be applied to an array of content. PandaDoc’s templates are also uniquely customizable to help your business stand out. With PandaDoc, users can create polished collateral that let’s your potential customers know your level of professionalism.

Wrap Up

Though document management tends to be low on a manufacturing or distribution company’s priorities, one misspelling or bad calculation in your content can mark the end of a customer relationship. With PandaDoc, businesses enjoy comprehensive tools that power effective paperless document management strategies.

But why implement PandaDoc on its own? At Datix, we specialize in enterprise software integrations. Unity, our landmark integration application, can connect your CRM solution with PandaDoc to maximize your software’s value and your document management strategies. This integration syncs CRM data into PandaDoc—a process which, as we stated earlier, automatically populates your critical documents with precise information. As certified partners of both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, Datix will help you choose the right CRM solution to connect with PandaDoc.

Find out if PandaDoc is right for you—reach out to Datix today!


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