Execute Perfect Order Fulfillment

How much would give to have perfect order fulfillment? Perfect order fulfillment, especially fast perfect order fulfillment, sounds like an impossible dream.

There are a lot of pieces involved in executing orders accurately: you need to be working from the correct data, inventory and other systems need to be running optimally, and your team needs to be operating with peak efficiency if you want to complete orders quickly.

Perhaps you have given up on achieving perfect order fulfillment because you think it would be too expensive, even if it was possible. However, (near) perfect order achievement is possible if you invest in the right ERP solution. Enterprise Resource Planning software is a standard part of most manufacturers’ business model, and when set up optimally, it can allow you to impress customers with consistent fulfillment delivery. Here are a few ways the right ERP setup will allow you to achieve perfect order fulfillment.

Order Accuracy

To achieve perfect order fulfillment, you must have accurate orders. Everyone suffers when you deliver an order on time, but the goods aren’t what the customer asked for. Inaccurate orders are caused by bad data. Bad data often arises when there is more than one place information is stored (like when you continue to use paper order slips that get entered into an ERP later). To ensure information is reliable, have your team put information directly into your ERP and use it as the central place for finding information.

If you want to prevent human error even further and increase your speed, using tools like barcode scanners are great for streamlining the entire process. With a barcode ERP setup, it is especially easy to set up required fields and parameters for acceptable data entry to ensure that information is added to your system correctly.

By setting up automated alerts in your ERP, you can immediately notify production when a new order comes in so they can add it to the schedule. By using an ERP that offers real-time data, you can see order progress, what needs to be done, and coordinate multiple orders at once. An ERP assists with every aspect of order fulfillment, so you deliver perfectly executed orders every time.

As experts with 25 years’ experience, Datix knows how to execute ERP solutions. Our team will deliver the right solution plan so you can achieve your company objectives and will support you every step of the way throughout your ERP journey. Learn more about an ERP implementation from Datix

Inventory Management

Inventory is essential for your workers to complete orders. If they don’t have the parts they need, they will never be able to execute orders on time, no matter how efficient they are. Your ERP must have exceptional inventory management capabilities if you want to expedite orders for your customers. With Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI), you gain integrated warehouse controls for finding inventory, real-time inventory allocations, and tracking of all inventory transactions. With CSI, it becomes simple to know what you have, what you need, and automatically restock critical items. You can even use your ERP to manage inventory for multiple facilities. As a one-stop shop, we offer Infor CloudSuite consulting for those who want to take their business to the next level with their ERP. Gain a complete ERP solution for all your software needs, including integrations, infrastructure support, hosting, disaster recovery, and more.

Increase Efficiency

To execute perfect order fulfillment, you need to operate efficiently. Many manufacturers get stuck in maintaining the status quo and continuing to do things the way they have always done them. This strategy may work for a while, but eventually the old way of doing things simply won’t cut it anymore.

A new ERP forces companies to rethink dated business processes. If you are using cumbersome business processes to complete tasks, then you are wasting time. A modern ERP system should be able to simplify your business processes by allowing the system to do a lot of the work for you.

With template messages to customers, automatic notifications to team members, and more, your ERP should make your life easier. You can have your system automate a lot of the tedious tasks that slowed your employees down, so they can spend their time on priority work. If you want to improve your business processes with to achieve perfect order fulfillment, talk to Datix. Our team will learn your business vision and use that to guide tailoring your ERP for your business. Instead of having business process and ERP fighting each other, they can work in harmony to increase your overall efficiency.

Wrap Up

Executing perfect order fulfillment may seem impossible, but with the right ERP and consultant, it’s possible to impress customers with exceptional order delivery. Don’t settle for offering your customers subpar performance when you can achieve so much more.

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