Return Merchandise Authorization with ERP

Managing returns is complicated, especially for medical device, equipment and supplies manufacturers. Compliance requirements like those in 21 CFR Part 803 impact return documentation, particularly if there is a potential safety risk involved.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) allows you to process, manage and analyze product returns. Mastering RMA can be difficult, but an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system makes the process easier. Here are a few of the ways medical manufacturers can utilize an ERP to establish Return Merchandise Authorization.

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Tracking

With the right ERP, you have the data and visibility to track returns easily. From your ERP, you should be able to see all RMA information, allowing your customer service team to support customers.

In addition, this information can be used for quality assurance and continuous improvement initiatives if a consistent issue arises. Because an ERP lets you see the full history of RMAs and returned inventory, it becomes clear if there are patterns in the data. You can also set up alerts for invalid RMAs to avoid wasting energy and resources on them.

ERP tracking can extend beyond RMAs with the right setup. At Datix, we have implemented thousands of solutions to offer our clients complete data visibility for increased efficiency. For ERP, CRM, integration, hosting, disaster recovery, and more, Datix has your back.

Resolve RMA Issues Quickly with Customer Service

Part of the success of any business is how they treat their customers when something goes wrong. For medical device returns, it is imperative to gather information respectfully and efficiently during a return request, determine if a warranty or entitlement is at play and if a return is appropriate. During this process, documentation is essential and must answer precise questions, but you never want to lose sight of supporting the customer and resolving their issue.

An ERP can make the customer service process easier. As we mentioned, you can see all the RMA tracking information you need right from the system. To resolve issues quickly, you can have an RMA setup that allows you to verify the warranty date, price and quantity of purchased items. With an ERP, you can set up required fields for the return process and set up field parameters so that the data collected must aligns with certain requirements (for instance, putting a date in the warranty date field).

If a return is legitimate, you can automatically calculate associated return charges, set up the inventory label, and replacement information accurately, and it is simple to provide discounts if needed. The right ERP setup is critical to streamlining RMAs. If you need better RMA, talk to our team. We offer our clients a business-first approach, meaning we take the time to understand their specific requirements so we can offer them a comprehensive solution. Take the next step with your ERP.

RMA E-Signatures

One way that an ERP can make RMAs a little bit easier is by allowing for e-signatures. Using e-signatures is easy, fast, and excellent for documentation purposes. With e-signatures, you can quickly issue credit notes to customers while still maintaining clear oversight over returns. To set up e-signatures while maintaining compliance, talk to the experts at Datix. Our team will listen to your needs and support you every step of the way throughout your ERP journey.

Wrap Up

Return Merchandise Authorization has a lot of moving parts to it, so you need your software and business processes to keep things simple. An ERP can support RMA if you have the right consultant working with you. Talk to Datix to hear how we would use our 25 years of experience to offer you the RMA system that is ideal for your organization. 

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