Maximize Barcode Configurations with Infor Factory Track and CSI

On the shop floor or in the warehouse, barcode scanners are quickly becoming an essential tool to streamline operations for manufacturers. With a quick scan, employees can quickly record critical data into an ERP system, but not all ERP systems offer the same barcode functionality. With Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) and Factory Track, you gain all the necessary features and controls you need to virtually eliminate barcode scanning issues and streamline operations.

Prevent Errors with Barcode Prefixes

Most manufacturers turn to barcode scanning because it is fast and greatly reduces errors compared to manual input data systems. With the sophisticated barcode controls of Factory Track for CSI, you can reduce the likelihood of error even further by adding safeguard requirements to your fields.

With barcode prefixes, you can prevent the wrong type of data from being added into the wrong field. You can do this by maximizing barcode prefixes, which are embedded at the beginning of barcodes and are used to indicate the barcode type. By setting up mandatory prefixes, you can control which barcode types can be scanned into certain field types. With this setup, it becomes impossible for workers to input the wrong barcode type into a field.

If you want support setting up your barcode prefixes to prevent errors, talk to the team at Datix. As a one-stop shop for ERP and an Infor Gold Channel Partner, we know how to maximize Factory Track so that you receive the greatest outcomes. Talk to an ERP expert today.

Increase Efficiency with Combination Barcodes

Combination barcodes have the ability to increase the efficiency of your scanner operations by combining multiple barcodes into a single barcode string. Factory Track utilizes a Multi-Barcode Split form to set up combination barcodes. With the form, you can define which transactions will use combination barcodes as well as define the properties of those combination barcodes.

Simplify Data Management with Barcode Cross Referencing

Sometimes a part or item needs to have more than one barcode value. In that case, you can configure Factory Track to understand that the item has multiple affiliated barcodes using cross referencing. Use the Cross Referencing form in Factory Track to set up cross references between barcode values. These cross references will automatically convert one barcode value to another when the initial value is scanned.

For example, let’s imagine that you regularly receive a part from a vendor. The vendor’s barcode value is ABC, which is helpful to use when analyzing vendor information. However, that same part is also recognized in your system as part XYZ. Instead of becoming confused or having to remember which vendor barcode aligns with which system part barcode, you can create a cross reference between the values ABC and XYZ, so that any time the value ABC is scanned, it will be read as XYZ.

Organizing your data from different vendors, parts, facilities, orders, and lots can be complicated, but the team at Datix can make it easier. We take a business-first approach with our clients, so we take the time to understand how they work so we can offer them the best data management solutions for their ERP ecosystem. Discover how to simplify your systems with Datix.

Wrap Up

Barcode scanning is a simple and fundamental part of manufacturing, but it is incredible how much basic controls and features can streamline your business processes. With so much traceability and efficiency to gain from a well set up system, don’t wait to take your business to the next level by maximizing Infor Factory Track for CSI.

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