ERP: The Superhero Your Business Needs

ERP Superhero

ERP Software to the Rescue! 

Mayhem has spread across several local manufacturing and distribution companies. Retailers and customers have unleashed their fury after receiving incorrect or late shipments. Excess inventory is conquering space in warehouses. Inaccurate manual data entries have resulted in costly mistakes, dooming quarterly profits. Giant enterprises are stealing customers from small businesses. 

There is only one solution to saving these companies from total destruction: ERP software. Enterprise resource planning software might not wear a cape or spandex, but it’s still the most powerful superhero for manufacturers and distributors. ERP provides the tools that your company needs to enhance your performance and protect you from business failure. Find out which ERP superpowers can strengthen your enterprise.  

Lightning Speed 

Considering the fast-paced environment of the enterprise marketplace, it’s imperative that your software is equipped with super speed to surge your business ahead of the competition. With a robust ERP solution, data collection, order fulfillment and more can be done in a flash. 

The key to speeding up business processes is automation. Fully automated systems reduce the amount of time employees spend entering data and completing repetitive tasks, giving users more time to drive sales and business growth. Epicor ERP offers numerous tools to automate complex processes. Epicor ensures operational data is automatically provided to the people who need it most. Real-time insights enable users to respond quickly to address issues on the shop floor and improve business performance. 

Without ERP, essential tasks such as processing data and documents could take days or weeks. ERP works at the speed of light to execute operations and keep your customers happy.  

X-Ray Vision 

Businesses often make the same mistakes over and over again without even realizing it. That’s what happens when companies lack end-to-end transparency. Employees can’t solve problems if they can’t pin down the cause. Fortunately, ERP software gives users the power of deep enterprise visibility, so they can instantly detect issues and make improvements. 

ERP creates a complete view of the past, present and future of your organization. Epicor’s embedded business intelligence (BI) and data analytics tools transform historical data into accurate forecasts. By detecting trends and patterns in your enterprise data, ERP helps you plan for future business growth and meet customer demands.  

Additionally, your software generates real-time insights into your production lines. Epicor alerts you of lapses in machine performance and other shop floor issues, so you can prevent downtime and improve efficiency. All this priceless information is available through personalized, user-friendly dashboards, making it easier than ever to drill down into reports and gain a 360-degree view of your enterprise performance.  

Super Strength  

Too many manufacturers and distributors juggle industry demands and large datasets using outdated software platforms. These legacy systems are far too weak to support core functions, let alone business growth. A modern ERP solution has the strength to give users granular control over their operations, no matter how complex.  

Epicor ERP consists of interconnected modules designed to manage a wide array of essential processes. Users don’t have to switch back and forth between applications to obtain a full view of their business performance. As a single solution for taking care of financial records, supply chain performance, global operations and more, ERP serves as the backbone of your enterprise.  

Epicor’s biggest strength is in its flexibility. From nuanced scheduling to production control, Epicor provides the agility to allow users to make changes at a moment’s notice. Additionally, Epicor’s nimble architecture enables businesses to configure workflows and customize features without complex coding. This removes the hassle that is normally involved when aligning software with unique business requirements. Epicor’s flexibility empowers you to gain the robust functionality your enterprise needs to strengthen performance. 

Wrap Up  

Any manufacturer or distributor can become a global powerhouse with the help of ERP. ERP’s capabilities are straight out of a comic book. With ERP’s lightning speed, x-ray vision and super speed, your business can defeat the toughest competition.  

But we all know that every superhero is nothing without a great sidekick. Datix has the expertise to unlock the power of Epicor for manufacturers and distributors of all sizes. An Epicor Gold Partner, our consulting firm has provided software solutions and services for over 20 years. We also offer integrations, customizations, disaster recovery and more to make your ERP even stronger.  

With Epicor and Datix, your enterprise success has no limits. Contact Datix today to start supercharging your business!  


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