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Epicor ERP Automotive Manufacturing

Epicor ERP for Automotive Manufacturing 

All manufacturing industries have undergone immense changes in recent years, but none more so than automotive manufacturing. Automotive manufacturers are often the first to capitalize on the latest digital innovations, and with technology expanding at a faster rate than ever, we’re seeing cars straight out of science fiction in lots around the world. Everything from artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomous driving is being leveraged to make our transportation safer and more enjoyable.  

However, with these advancements comes some challenges. A recent report from The Wall Street Journal found an enormous gap between the prices of new and used cars, resulting in a spike in used car purchases and dwindling new car sales. This raises questions for the automotive industry: how can manufacturers continue to drive innovation without causing prices to skyrocket? How can they establish the right infrastructure to keep up with digital developments while cutting costs?  

Businesses can find the solution to both dilemmas in Epicor ERP. For over 45 years, Epicor has invented cutting-edge ERP solutions for an array of industries. Epicor includes features specifically designed for automotive manufacturers to stay up to speed in a fast, global marketplace. Below, we detail how Epicor ERP supports modern automotive manufacturing.  

Cloud Computing 

At this point, cloud computing isn’t exactly a foreign concept. However, it still merits mention as it forms the foundation of modern digital trends. OEMs know that agility is key to innovating their products without sacrificing efficiency. Cloud solutions offer superior scalability, mobility and speed to ensure manufacturing processes are connected throughout global operations.  

Are parts of your supply chain outsourced to disparate locations? Epicor’s multi-plant management feature leverages cloud technology to provide visibility into global processes. Looking to make your production lines more environmentally friendly? Cloud solutions eliminate the need for in-house servers, saving you money and creating a greener workplace. Need actionable insight to enhance your strategies? In the next sections, we’ll explain how IoT and data analytics maximize the value of your data to improve decision making. These innovations aren’t possible without cloud software. With its ERP products powered by the robust Microsoft Azure cloud, Epicor is the premier vendor for cloud-hosted automotive manufacturing solutions.  

Internet of Things 

Manufacturers, especially in the automotive industry, are increasingly recognizing the importance of using sophisticated equipment and robots on their shop floors to fill labor gaps and reduce human error. But you aren’t fully benefitting from this machinery if you aren’t connecting them to the Internet. That’s where the Internet of Things (IoT) comes in. When you connect your equipment with your ERP software, you can optimize your shop floor by automating processes and enhancing insight.  

From your Epicor instance, you can dynamically create automated workflows which are then enacted by your machines to take care of rote tasks. This means your employees will spend less time on boring, menial tasks and more time on exciting, revenue-generating activities. Additionally, Epicor can connect with your equipment’s sensors to detect production inefficiencies before they create downtime. Epicor ERP also allows you to trace parts and components throughout your enterprise. Traceability is essential for lean inventory management and compliance. IoT is the key to accelerating automotive manufacturing processes.   


Your IoT enterprise is generating massive amounts of data every day, but how are your users leveraging it? Plenty of businesses have tons of information, but most lack the infrastructure to fully use this insight. It’s critical for automotive manufactures to leverage their ERP software to make the right decisions fast.  

Epicor makes it easier than ever to translate metrics into digestible, valuable insight. The ERP solution collects comprehensive data such as OEE, scrap and run rates to help users detect waste and maintain quality. But what really makes this information powerful is Epicor’s robust dashboards. Epicor 10.2 unveiled a new home page with Epicor Data Discovery (EDD), a built-in business intelligence (BI) solution. Users can personalize their home page to include the most relevant datasets, reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) to execute their daily tasks. They can also easily drill down into data to gain a complete view of each facet of their enterprise. By translating data into actionable insight, Epicor encourages users to build transformative strategies based on an array of real-time and historical data.  


Enterprise connectivity isn’t just about integrating your machinery with your software. It also entails integrating your back-office and front-office systems. In both B2C and B2B markets, customers have higher demands than ever. Data must be accessible and precise from end to end of your business to drive personalized customer experiences and greater efficiency. 

A robust CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce can organize your leads and help you close more deals, but when these solutions aren’t synced with your Epicor instance, you lack the 360-degree visibility required for optimal productivity and customer service. Having accurate, real-time data from across your enterprise captured in one system dramatically improves operations. This information automates more areas of your supply chain and provides vital information to improve processes such as demand planning, order fulfillment and customer interactions.  

But it’s not just CRM that can be integrated with ERP. It can also be useful to integrate eCommerce software, such as Magento, with Epicor. Many automotive manufacturers are starting to sell cars and parts online. Magento provides a range of tools to enable users to build a successful online store, but an integration with Epicor makes eCommerce and manufacturing processes all the more efficient. Epicor can directly access online order information to speed up deliveries, and Magento can update online listings by leveraging ERP data for accurate product availability and pricingAn Epicor integration is essential for enhancing your automotive manufacturing performance.  

Wrap Up 

Few industries have been as impacted by digital innovation as automotive manufacturing. Staying on top of new technology while reducing production costs can seem like an impossible task, but Epicor ERP is designed to do just that. Epicor continuously improves its solutions to ensure users are operating in accordance with modern industry standards.  

Also committed to continuous improvement? Datix. As an Epicor Platinum Partner, Datix excels in offering comprehensive ERP solutions and services for discrete manufacturers. We’re one of a handful of members of the Epicor Automotive Alliance (EAA), a group of certified Epicor partners who have proven their expertise in automotive ERP. We go beyond Epicor implementations and upgrades to provide seamless integrations through our Unity application. This pre-built solution connects Epicor ERP with a variety of front-end systems to create a single source of truth. Our expert consultants rapidly install Unity and manage errors, upgrades and customizations to maximize the lifetime of your solution.  

With Epicor ERP, you’ll never fall behind automotive industry demands. Get in touch with us today to learn more! 


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