Epicor ERP 10’s Superior Modules, Part 2

Epicor ERP 10 Modules Part 2

A Rundown of Epicor’s Version 10 Modules

Epicor ERP version 10 is a top deployment choice for many mid-market businesses because of the flexibility that the software and its modules possess. Epicor knows that small to midsize manufacturers and distributors need functionality and comprehensive tools more than ever to streamline processes and surpass the competition. In their latest release, Epicor improved their core modules to create a more robust ERP platform that meets these growing needs. In part two of our review of Epicor 10 modules, we dive into the crucial functions of Epicor’s product data management, social collaboration and financial management modules.

Ensure Compliance with Product Data Management

As countries crack down on product contamination, safety prevention, materials traceability and economic adulteration, it’s increasingly becoming a requirement for manufacturers to perform a high degree of product data management (PDM) for their supply chain. Fortunately, Epicor has a sophisticated PDM suite that can ensure local, regional and global compliance.

Epicor’s PDM suite provides manufacturers with product data contained in engineering documents, plant floor routings, change orders, sales orders, and certifications. These documents are critical for sales and procurement processing since many supply chains and verticals require electronic attachments to confirm that products meet regulatory compliance. Epicor consolidates data in a single system shared across the enterprise, enabling collaboration throughout the value chain, full insight into all aspects of a product’s lifecycle and control over an enormous number of electronic documents. As more businesses become global enterprises, it’s crucial to have real-time information throughout your supply chain to comply with regulations and improve efficiency and accuracy. Epicor is the go-to software for this level of insight.

Use Social Collaboration to Improve Communications

As datasets grow exponentially, it is more challenging than ever for managers to communicate all the necessary business data with their teams. To foster communication and help users handle all the data they are bombarded with, Epicor Social Enterprise serves as a collaborative tool that acts like Facebook or LinkedIn for stakeholders in different business functions.

Epicor technology prompts machine learning to follow social engagement of users and remembers which information is most effective for a given user or silo to perform their job. The platform leverages social media nomenclature—such as hashtags, mentions, reposting and sharing—to make it simple and intuitive for users. Epicor also surveys trends inside the entire business and alerts followers with updates around a chosen operation, person or supply chain entity.

If production times lag, client-facing reps may query an updated production schedule or post a priority shipment need. The benefits are two-fold as customers remain informed of their order status and businesses become more supportive of the needs of its accounts. Users can be alerted of any change in status of a workflow (quote to cash), department think tank discussion, or finance operation. Epicor Social Enterprise keeps your users on the same page by simplifying communication and providing meaningful data and updates.

Get Real-Time Data with Financial Management

Without utilizing ERP for financial management, your organization is wasting valuable time and putting business at risk by assigning the responsibility of data compilation to an employee. ERP eradicates manual data entry by grabbing the information as it is input by various teams and aggregating it within the system, streamlining processes and giving employees time to work on value-added tasks.

Epicor takes financial management a step further by also offering real-time analysis and insight. With machinery and production lines connected up to the enterprise network, data entry is built into the system itself. From that data, Epicor provides robust reporting and analytics to empower enterprises to make smart, fast decisions that drive productivity. Furthermore, this information can be available on any device, not just a desktop. This is a far cry from Excel spreadsheets, which prove cumbersome on mobile platforms. When you deploy Epicor ERP in the cloud, users can access critical data while visiting a customer site or during a meeting. Our increasingly digital marketplace requires real-time access to all fiscal information, from general ledgers to accounts receivable transactions, on any device at any time. Epicor Financial Management is built to mitigate risk, automate processes and offer an optimal user experience from any device, making it ideal for the modern workplace.


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Wrap Up

Epicor constantly works to improve its modules to benefit manufacturers and distributors. However, to unleash the full functionality of version 10’s enhanced modules, businesses should seek out expert consultants. Datix is an Epicor Platinum Partner, meaning we are Epicor aficionados and have ample experience in providing ERP solutions. We know how to bring our clients the modules and features that work best for their unique business processes. On top of that, we created Unity, a pre-built integration platform that can connect Epicor with other top-notch software systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM or Magento eCommerce. Integrated software creates a single source of truth by streamlining operations and offering transparency throughout your entire enterprise.

Our two-part review of Epicor 10 modules didn’t cover the full range of Epicor’s capabilities. Contact Datix today to learn more about how Epicor ERP and our enterprise software integrations can transform your business!


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