CRM and ERP: The Ultimate IT Couple


Why IT Teams Love Software Integration 

ERP and CRM software make the perfect pair. When they’re joined together through a software integration, they fill in gaps, allowing processes and data to flow seamlessly. From the top floor to the shop floor, users love the visibility and efficiency that results from transferring their back and front-end data.  

But perhaps no one loves software integration more than IT departments. That’s especially true now that pre-built connectors are on the market, requiring no customization from IT personnel. Below, we explain why integrating your ERP and CRM systems will benefit your IT team. 

Ease and Affordability  

More software means more work for your IT team. Each instance must be installed, maintained and upgraded, draining IT resources. On top of that, disjointed systems are more prone to errors, as users manually enter duplicate data, sometimes keying in the wrong entries. These issues increase IT workload. 

By automatically transferring CRM and ERP data, integrations eliminate the need to enter duplicate data, resulting in fewer errors. The learning curve for an integration also isn’t as steep as other software projects, as users continue working from familiar platforms. Therefore, there are fewer mistakes and user concerns that IT teams must address. The ease of software integration results in incredible savings in both time and money, making your IT department more productive.  

Furthermore, with the right solution, IT teams won’t have to worry about time-consuming maintenance. Our Unity integration application is fully managed by a team of certified consultants and developers. We’ll take care of coding and error handling, so your IT personnel can focus on other critical tasks. Plus, Unity doesn’t get in the way of upgrades or add-ons, further simplifying software projects and upkeep. 

Simple Installation 

Not all integrations are a breeze. Point-to-point, or app-to-app, connectors are hand-coded, making them a labor-intensive method of integrating your ERP and CRM. Each connection requires distinct code, and for bidirectional transfers, that’s double the work. Imagine creating and maintaining dozens of connectors? This unwieldy process takes a tole on your IT personnel.  

Fortunately, integration doesn’t have to be this way. As we mentioned in the intro, pre-built integration solutions can connect your software without customization. These applications are designed to be installed rapidly, instantly transferring your data.  

When you choose Unity, you gain not only a sophisticated pre-built platform but also a team of expert consultants who install the system and maintain it after go live. Unity is also scalable to support your business as it grows. Integrating your ERP and CRM software with a pre-built application is the easiest, most effective method of building a connected enterprise without straining IT resources.  

Wrap Up 

ERP and CRM are a match made in IT heaven. When your enterprise software is joined together, you can expect widespread improvements, including in IT performance. This is especially the case for businesses with Unity. A certified Epicor Gold Partner, Datix designed Unity to seamlessly connect Epicor with CRM, eCommerce or Marketing Automation software. By quickly installing the system and handling errors, our consultants make software integration as easy as possible. Unity is also scalable and easily customizable, making it simple to modify as your enterprise evolves.  

Find out why so many manufacturers and distributors have fallen in love with Unity. Check out one of our Unity video demos and contact Datix today to learn more about the power of software integration!  


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