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ERP Helps the Environment and Your Bottom Line

Cutting down on waste means more than saving money, time and materials. It also means reducing environmental waste and energy consumption. Manufacturers often fear that adopting sustainable practices will require enormous expenses and vast changes. What they don’t realize is that greener manufacturing can actually save them money while offering several other benefits.

Consumers have more options than ever, and many will pay a higher price to support environmentally-friendly companies. Additionally, a greener company is often a leaner company. Reducing raw materials and inventory helps not only the environment but also your bottom line. Plus, developing more sustainable practices will help you comply with local, federal and global environmental initiatives and might even earn you some nice incentives from your state or local government. And last but not least, there’s the benefit of working towards a greener future by reducing pollutants and other forms of waste that harm our planet.

One way to pursue leaner, greener manufacturing is through ERP software. ERP includes features designed to monitor energy consumption and cut waste. Discover the Epicor ERP tools which can transform your business into a lean and green enterprise.

Lean Manufacturing

Kanban manufacturing is a form of lean manufacturing which rigorously cuts back on as much waste as possible by enacting a workflow that works backward through the manufacturing process, making only the products that have already been sold. With this method, businesses order and pay for the precise amount of raw materials needed and ship out product that they know will be bought.

By supporting Kanban manufacturing, Epicor ERP minimizes waste within your business. Epicor empowers users to flag parts for Kanban control at the part, warehouse, individual bin or cell location level. Real-time manufacturing data provides downstream suppliers visibility into future demand, enabling you to accurately forecast purchasing and stocking needs and schedule production accordingly.

With demand planning, you can also map out a system that will pull product through your shop floor and connect all manufacturing stages to reduce waste and backlog. Epicor’s demand planning tools are even sophisticated enough to show fluctuating prices and availability for raw materials as well as predicted storage space for materials.

The automated features and comprehensive, real-time data of Epicor ERP allow manufacturers to become masters of Kanban flow and, as a result, drive revenue.

Green Manufacturing

When you implement Epicor to practice lean manufacturing, you are already on the way to becoming a greener company. By reducing excess inventory, Kanban manufacturing decreases raw material consumption, thereby diminishing the amount of waste delivered to overflowing landfills.

Epicor ERP includes additional features designed to develop a greener, leaner business. Epicor Energy Management serves as a one-stop source to analyze, manage and report on energy consumption, carbon emissions and environmental impact. Epicor empowers your business to build a strategy to reduce energy, water and waste to bolster your company’s finances and reputation.

Hosting Epicor in the cloud offers another avenue for greener practices. By using less wattage, operating servers at high utilization rates and emitting less carbon, the cloud proves a far more sustainable software solution than on-premises systems. A WSP Environment Research study even found that multi-tenant cloud implementations present a “carbon footprint per transaction that is 95% less than on-premises deployment.” Our blog has often touted cloud hosting as the future of enterprise software, offering secure, cost-effective solutions for manufacturers working with ever-expanding datasets. Energy efficiency is yet another advantage of the cloud.

Wrap Up

As a certified  Epicor partner with 20 years of experience as enterprise software leaders, Datix knows the ins and outs of ERP, including the tools that help businesses develop lean and green manufacturing processes. Additionally, we have deployed several cloud-hosted software solutions, further reducing your waste. With Unity, our flagship integration product, we can connect a variety of software hosted on site or in the cloud, including ERP, CRM and eCommerce. Unity takes efficiency to the next level by streamlining business processes across departments.

When it comes to manufacturing, lean and green go hand in hand. Contact Datix today, and we’ll show you how to steer your business towards a more ecological and economical future!


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