5 Ways ERP Revolutionizes the Supply Chain 

Epicor ERP Supply Chain

Epicor Supply Chain Management

Digital innovation constantly disrupts manufacturing and distribution industries, pressuring these businesses to find advanced software solutions to remain on top of their complex processes and on top of the competition. One crucial area that has seen a major technical facelift is supply chain management (SCM). Everything from predictive analytics to the Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed how businesses manage their supply chains, and the changes have just begun. According to IDC, these digital advancements will benefit 50% of manufacturers by 2019, while the remaining half will lag behind because of outdated strategies.

Where will your business be a year from now—enjoying increased revenue and efficiency from a cutting-edge supply chain, or struggling to make ends meet using legacy systems? With enterprise software continuously developing, integrating the latest technology into your business processes can be overwhelming. To assist with finding the right solution, we have compiled a list of five ways in which Epicor ERP revolutionizes supply chain management. Find out what makes Epicor’s SCM module a win for manufacturers and distributors.

1. Monitor All Stages of Production

The supply chain includes production, transport, distribution and other logistics, as well as the engineering and financial considerations involved in each of those elements. Managing all these areas of the supply chain requires a comprehensive ERP system. For distributors that produce or assemble their items, software like Epicor’s supply chain system go beyond traditional kitting functionality to offer comprehensive production management.

An effective supply chain management and sourcing solution should be designed to simultaneously handle make-to-order, make-to-stock and engineer-to-order processing, giving you the flexibility to review and update plans as demand changes. Epicor’s expansive SCM capabilities connect every phase of the supply chain with visibility, tracking and automation at each step to streamline processes. 

2. Add Agility to Forecasting

Success means always staying a step ahead. Epicor has made tremendous strides in leveraging big data for reliable demand planning. No more shots in the dark—Epicor’s predictive analytics combines your historical data with advanced algorithms to determine the outcomes of supply chain processes, empowering users to reduce costs and serve customers. Forecasting and predictive analytics tools support lean manufacturing by accurately forecasting demand and providing information that can be utilized to reduce inventory.

3. Improve Sales with Mobile Platforms

Comprehensive, real-time data on your desktop is not enough to stay competitive in today’s market. Users must have the ability to access meaningful data anytime through a user-friendly, mobile interface in order to create a truly connected enterprise. Epicor’s mobile-based technology enables sales teams to access valuable information on demand, so they can connect directly with consumers and always stay up-to-date on supply chain processes. In addition, the Epicor Handheld module empowers plant and distribution employees to track materials and complete inventory transactions as they happen on the floor.

4. Optimize Data for All 

A supply chain becomes powerful when data is used at its utmost potential. When you’re tracking metrics in real time and using historical data to make accurate predictions, your company can make changes proactively to increase sales, improve service levels and adjust inventory. Epicor SCM includes fully flexible features that enable you to manage whatever you need, whether that’s tracking a few transactions using barcodes or keeping an eye on operations in multiple global warehouses. With its user-friendly interface, Epicor can provide all the data users need to optimize their tasks and stay in touch with the supply chain.

5. Increase Visibility in the Cloud

By 2020, Gartner predicts that over 90% of spending on supply chain systems will be for cloud-based solutions. Though there had long been doubts about the cloud, there’s no question that it is here to stay. With cloud hosting, businesses can enjoy 24/7 access to suppliers and customers. You also possess information at your fingertips, keeping you up to date on warehouse inventory, shipment processes and reporting systems. Epicor empowers companies with a variety of cloud hosting options that offer real-time tracking and 360-degree views of materials.

Wrap Up

The key to business growth is robust supply chain management. Digital innovations are making SCM functions more powerful than ever, and Epicor’s SCM module is leading the way. As a certified Epicor partner, Datix knows how to align Epicor ERP with mid-market manufacturing and distribution processes. Furthermore, we specialize in integrations that streamline the supply chain even more. Unity, our pre-built integration platform, connects a myriad of software to form a fully connected enterprise.

Find the best supply chain management software for your company. Contact Datix’s expert ERP consultants to learn more about our Epicor and integration solutions!


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