5 Signs You Need an ERP Consultant

ERP Consultant

Should You Hire an ERP Expert? 

Data conversion, business process modeling, vendor selection, user training—the ERP implementation process consists of multiple steps and considerations that you must undergo fully to meet deadlines and gain a return on your investment. Cut corners or rush tasks, and you’re looking at a delayed go-live or even all-out implementation failure. Unfortunately, some businesses don’t realize the care that goes into software projects until it’s too late.  

Like any organizational change or investment, an ERP implementation requires attention and knowledge. That’s why it’s so important to team up with premier consultants from the beginning of your project. These ERP specialists will take the stress out of your software implementation, leading you through every stage and delivering an all-encompassing solution that meets your specific requirements. Still unsure if an ERP consultant is right for you? Check out our fives signs that you need an ERP consultant.  

1. Lack of Internal Resources

A small to midsize business (SMB) often has a modest IT team—if it has one at all. Plus, there’s a good chance that employees are too busy with their critical tasks to delegate considerable time to an ERP project. If you’re an SMB, taking employees off their typical assignments or forcing IT personnel to work overtime on a software project could put your company at risk of falling behind on your operations and implementation. A consulting firm ensures businesses of any size can gain a fully-functioning ERP instance without sacrificing their current processes. ERP specialists take on any tasks that you can’t manage on your own and guide you through any project hiccups.

2. Inexperience with Vendors 

Many businesses are under the impression that software vendors will help them throughout their ERP implementations. Sure, ERP vendors are likely to have service lines and documentation to assist you throughout the process, but you won’t find the comprehensive, one-on-one support that you need to fully execute your implementation. Furthermore, all software projects should be approached business first. In other words, you can’t mold your company to your software. Instead, you should carefully assess business needs to determine what you need from your software instance. A vendor will prioritize the software platform rather than develop a complete understanding of your processes and goals.  

Consultants have plenty of experience communicating with vendors. They’ll take a business-first approach, thoroughly modeling your business processes and interacting with providers to ensure you gain the right system for your unique requirements. The most premier consultants also have a front line to vendor service. Datix, for example, is an Epicor Platinum Partner, meaning that it has achieved the highest level of partnership with Epicor. Datix consultants can field your questions to Epicor customer support and receive a response before anyone else. 

3. Shortage of Expertise

Even if you have a large, talented IT team, a consulting firm can still come in handy. Your IT department already takes on tremendous responsibilities. Adding a major software project to their already-full plate will spread them thin. Plus, as skilled as IT personnel are, they likely haven’t taken the lead on many ERP implementations. Experienced consultants, such as those at Datix, are certified ERP experts who have worked for decades to provide software solutions and services. They’ve encountered every imaginable issue, making them the best at addressing any errors or delays head-on and guiding projects to completion. 

4. Fresh Perspective

Nobody knows your business processes better than you. Still, a fresh pair of eyes can be just what you need to identify problem areas that you never noticed. That’s why it’s important to bring on a consultant who not only has technical expertise but also understands your industry. Your consultant will know what it takes to undergo proper business process modeling and detect pain points that a new ERP instance can smooth over.  

5. Project Complexity

Whereas some ERP projects entail simple out-of-the-box implementations, the majority require configurations, customizations or integrations with other business systems. After all, every business is different, and your ERP software should align with your specific requirements. However, modifications to your system add complexity to your project. Businesses that tackle tricky customizations on their own tend to come up against major obstacles that delay their go-live date and cause them to surpass their budget.  

Consultants know how to manage a range of projects, from small-scale implementations to complex customizations across several locations. These specialists will help you determine which modifications are of immediate need, which can wait until after go-live and which you should avoid altogether. By prioritizing customizations, consultants prevent the project from becoming unwieldy and expensive. They will then execute the system modifications necessary for your enterprise’s success. 

Wrap Up  

An ERP solution delivers robust modules and tools that empower users to expand their enterprise—or at least, that’s what it’s supposed to do. When a project goes off the rails, you’re looking at a wasted investment and a lost opportunity for major business improvements. A consultant will keep your project on track, executing an on-time, on-budget solution that boosts your productivity and profit margins. 

For over 20 years, Datix has worked with manufacturers and distributors at every stage of their software journey to optimize their solutions and processes. Using our Strategic Solution Process, we follow best practices and work closely with our clients to complete ERP, CRM, eCommerce and integration projects from start to finish. Our consultants bring a high level of technical skill and industry experience to every project, doing whatever it takes to reach software goals.  

Make sure you’re getting the most from your software. Get in touch with Datix today!   


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