5 Epicor ERP Success Stories

Epicor ERP Success Stories

How Does Epicor Transform Businesses? 

Too many manufacturers and distributors are missing out on lucrative business opportunities and putting their company at risk by relying on outdated technology to manage their operations. Organizations can’t afford to let information gaps and production roadblocks slow them down. That’s why they need enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to create a central data hub and elevate performance. ERP systems enhance visibility and productivity across your entire business, helping you build strategies to reduce waste and serve customers.  

But you can’t trust any provider. Not all ERP vendors can boast a high success rate for an array of industries or offer flexible solutions to drive business growth. With over 45 years of developing enterprise solutions and 1,000 global consultants, Epicor is the premier ERP vendor for businesses all over the world. We’ve compiled five Epicor success stories to demonstrate how the ERP system transforms operations.  

Cosma International 

Cosma International, a Tier-1 automotive supplier to OEM customers, found they were wasting inordinate amounts of time on inventory management with their legacy software. Since implementing their Epicor solution, they’ve achieved 99.7 percent inventory accuracy and reduced their manual activities by automating traceability and accelerating reporting. They’ve also maintained at or near 100 percent delivery rates with primary customers by using Epicor’s EDI package. Their users enjoy instant access to critical metrics such as downtime and cycle time. These improvements have enabled Cosma to execute lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles.  

Download the Epicor success story for Cosma International here 

Saudi Mechanical Industries 

A leading manufacturer for over 30 years, Saudi Mechanical Industries (SMI) needed to ditch their legacy system to find a new solution to support their growing needs. With Epicor ERP, they were able to simplify expansion as they added several global factories and increased their product line. By enabling them to manage increasing datasets and supply chain demands, Epicor streamlined manufacturing processes. Real-time data empowered SMI to improve customer relationships, accelerate shipments and automate planning and scheduling. Increased visibility also enhanced their inventory control. By implementing Epicor, SMI gained a reliable system to support enterprise growth and reduce costs.  

Download the Epicor success story for Saudi Mechanical Industries here 

Card-Monroe Corp. 

Card-Monroe Corp. (CMC) is the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-built tufting equipment. To maintain their competitive edge, they implemented Epicor ERP for its strong manufacturing and inventory capabilities. CMC users enjoy seeing real-time data from multiple modules in one screen. Using dashboards that monitor customer orders from entry to shipping, employees have reduced assembly cycle times by 30 percent and machine shop work-in-process by 40 percent. Epicor excels at managing complex BOMs and plant flow, enabling CMC to meet challenging milestones. By streamlining shop flow, Epicor has made CMC a leaner and more collaborative enterprise.  

Download the Epicor success story for Card-Monroe Corp. here. 

Baxter Manufacturing 

A global leader in manufacturing cookware and baking equipment, Baxter Manufacturing needed to upgrade from their rigid legacy software to Epicor’s agile ERP system. The business took advantage of Epicor’s expansive educational resources and out-of-the-box functionality to gain a 360-degree view of their business and real-time insight. The product configurator reduced their production lead time from two months to a day. They experienced even greater efficiency when they upgraded from Epicor 9 to Epicor 10, modestly estimating speed improvements of at least 30 percent. If that wasn’t enough, Epicor helped Baxter manage multiple locations by allowing users to increase production capacity without operational issues.  

Download the Epicor success story for Baxter Manufacturing here 

Mid-West Metal Products Co., Inc. 

With multiple locations in the U.S. and production operations in China, Mid-West Metal Products required a sophisticated system to manage the sites of their industrial metal fabrication operations. They trusted Epicor ERP to provide actionable insights through advanced reporting capabilities and dashboards. The manufacturer has successfully leveraged the new instance for visibility across their locations. With a wide array of metrics, they’ve located several production inefficiencies, allowing them to reduce labor costs by 20 percent and increase sales by 30 percent. Additionally, they’ve enjoyed greater productivity by automating their shipping, processing, packing and picking activities.  

Download the Epicor success story for Mid-West Metal Products here 

Wrap Up 

No manufacturer or distributor should entrust the future of their enterprise to a vendor that lacks a record of delivering quality ERP solutions. Epicor has compiled a vast collection of success stories that demonstrate its ability to meet various industry demands. Its comprehensive modules, user-friendly interface and sophisticated metrics support business growth and lean initiatives, resulting in an efficient, cost-effective enterprise.  

An Epicor Gold Partner, Datix’s ERP solutions and services have empowered manufacturers and distributors all over the world. From start to finish, we execute a myriad of enterprise software projects that address each client’s unique goals. We also offer ERP, CRM, eCommerce, BI, disaster recovery, cloud hosting and integration solutions under one roof, making us a single point of contact for your software needs.  

Stop missing out on critical business insights and opportunities. Get in touch with Datix today to start optimizing your enterprise with Epicor ERP!  


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