Speed Up the Sales Pipeline with PandaDoc and CRM

PandaDoc CRM Sales Pipeline

CRM and PandaDoc Integration 

Sales reps are all about pushing deals to the finish line, but they must overcome several hurdles to get there. Simple tasks like finding the right information to fill documents or collecting signatures can slow down the sales cycle and cause reps to miss their quotas. It’s time for sales departments to stop worrying about mundane tasks and concentrate on building strong customer relationships.  

The right enterprise software can be the ideal solution to streamlining sales pipelines. Document management software, such as PandaDoc, helps users increase accuracy and efficiency by digitizing content creation and delivery. Customer relationship management (CRM) software also enhances sales processes by storing data on your leads and buyers in a single robust platform. However, the trick to truly minimizing delays in your sales cycle is to connect these two systems. Below, we explain how integrating PandaDoc with CRM can speed up your pipeline.  

Document Creation 

Your company doesn’t have time to send several versions of the same Word document back and forth for revisions or switch between multiple apps to search for customer information. But never-ending email chains and slow document creation are bound to delay closings when you manage customer information and content in separate platforms. With PandaDoc and CRM integrated into a single source of truth, users can efficiently manage documents 

Rather than hunt extensively for a lead’s contact information and order details, users can autofill accurate CRM data directly into content generated in PandaDoc. This feature not only cuts document creation time in half but also enhances precision. PandaDoc also allows users to digitally collaborate on content, so they can keep track of edits and add comments in one place, resulting in a productive revision process.

Once documents are complete, your sales team can locate them instantly from their CRM, enabling them to quickly deliver SOWs, proposals, contracts and more to their prospects. With higher accuracy and speed, your company will see happier customers eager to continue doing business with you.  


No company should still be relying on obtaining handwritten signatures from buyers. Everything is digital now, and that includes signing off on documents. With PandaDoc, users can collect legally binding eSignatures into their platform and automatically label each signature line with the appropriate client name using their CRM system. Your customers can sign forms from any device, saving everyone valuable time. 

But businesses still run into issues with this method. What if you find out a proposal needs to be signed by someone else? Or perhaps multiple people need to sign different parts of the contract, but the buyer doesn’t alert you of this in advance. You no longer have to create whole new documents to make these minor changes. PandaDoc’s edit recipient feature enables users to quickly change signature fields or contact information and forward the updated document to the right people. This will unload a lot of frustration from your sales team, giving them more energy to strike new deals.  


Once all the documents are signed, you still have to collect payments. PandaDoc’s payment feature allows users to receive credit, debit and ACH payments right from their platform when a client provides their signature, further expediting the sales process. Users can begin collecting payments by adding the Strip payment gateway in the Payments section of Workplace Settings.

With PandaDoc and CRM integrated into one system, your sales reps will gain a full view of customer activities, from opening documents to sending payments, enabling them to provide accurate follow-ups and stay in touch with every buyer’s journey.  

Wrap Up 

Sometimes it’s the simplest activities that prevent a deal from reaching completion. Software can smooth over these pain points by automating processes and creating a central data hub. Integration serves as a simple method of connecting your platforms to further enhance your productivity. PandaDoc and CRM are a perfect pair when it comes to accelerating your sales pipeline. 

Nobody knows software integration better than Datix. As a certified partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, we’re premier experts in CRM implementations and integrations. Our certified consultants can seamlessly connect PandaDoc with your CRM system to help you expedite your sales processes. 

After over 20 years as a leading software consulting firm, Datix knows what it takes to execute advanced business solutions from start to finish. Get in touch with us today, and start winning more deals! 


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