Why You Shouldn’t Fear ERP Customizations

ERP Customizations

Misconceptions about ERP Customization 

It’s tough to talk about software customizations. On one hand, over-customization can kill your investment. However, the failure stories about customization run amok has resulted in several misconceptions that also prove detrimental to implementation success. Companies that avoid customizations at all costs often end up with a system that doesn’t align well enough to their processes, hurting user adoption and compliance efforts. 

To provide a clearer understanding of customizations, particularly for ERP projects, we’ve spoken to one of our expert developers. He’ll give us some insight into the process and explain how ERP customization is often key to maximizing ROI. 

ERP Customization Q&A 

Q: Do all ERP clients require customizations? 

A: For some smaller companies and first-time implementations, an out-of-the-box solution such as Quick Start is a perfect fit. Advanced ERP systems, such as Epicor, also enable users to easily configure a lot of their settings using drop-down menus. However, most clients will need some minor customizations to make the software align with their processes. This isn’t a sign of weakness on the part of the software vendor. Each business is different, making it unlikely that a platform will fill every requirement out of the box. 

Q: What are some of the ERP customizations businesses often need? 

A: In most cases, clients need additional fields to enrich records that already exist within the system. Maybe they need to track specific dates or when records were last printed to comply with regulations. They might also have a specialized approval status that they must track. ERP customizations are often necessary to provide extra visibility to empower users to access critical data on the fly rather than waste time perusing records.  

Q: How complicated are these projects? 

A: By far the biggest misconception about customizations is that they are all complex. Many of the most common ones can be accomplished in an hour and are simple, especially for developers. However, when you’re operating on a robust platform, some don’t even require the help of developers. Epicor, for example, includes a standard approach to customizations which enables changes to be made through clicks rather than code. Its built-in customization engine allows you to customize settings without touching the base code. But there are still a few times when we have to reach into that base code to make necessary changes, and that’s when things can get a little more complicated.  

Q: What should clients do when ERP customizations become too complex? 

A: You want expert consultants on your side throughout your ERP journey. Developers live and breathe code—no matter the complexity, we can reduce the time it takes to customize your software and mitigate risk. When businesses take on software projects on their own, especially customizations, they tend to leave out critical tasks, such as testing. Datix built testing and other integral steps into our standard process to ensure there’s no oversight. We’ll also help you avoid scope creep and over-customization by centering the entire project around measurable business goals.  

Wrap Up 

Sophisticated ERP solutions, such as Epicor, have comprehensive, built-in features that meet an array of business requirements. But clients often need that extra touch to maximize their software investment and align their system with their unique processes, user preferences and regulations.  

To tailor your ERP instance for your enterprise, there’s no better place to turn than Datix. Our developers and consultants know ERP software inside and out, making Datix an Epicor Platinum Partner. We’ll mitigate risk throughout your implementation and customizations to ensure you get the most from your software. We also specialize in ERP integrations. Unity is our integration application designed to seamlessly connect Epicor with multiple systems to streamline your activities and power 360-degree insight.  

When you team up with Datix, ERP customizations are nothing to fear—get in touch with us today! 


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