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Most people do everything from buying products to scheduling activities right in the palms of their hands. With the ubiquity of cell phones and tablets, businesses are increasingly realizing that measures to limit the use of devices at work are futile. Instead, why not leverage the power that’s on our phones to make more money for the company?

Digital platforms enable users to stay connected at all times. For people in sales, marketing and service, that means always knowing what’s happening with customers, products and collateral to close more deals. Understanding the business potential of mobile devices, customer relationship management (CRM) vendors such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce have been at the forefront in developing mobile applications to improve front-office efficiency. In this post, we drill into the specific benefits of mobile CRM solutions.

Increased Productivity

We tend to consider mobile devices as hindrances to productivity—sources of endless distractions. But statistics are revealing that there’s a lot more to mobile technology than unlimited access to cat memes and candy-themed gaming. Nucleus Research found that mobile CRM access boosts team efficiency by 14.6%, and 3 in 10 mobile CRM users report productivity improvement by over 20%.

These statistics aren’t surprising considering that more and more business is being conducted on the go. Rather than wait until returning to the office to take orders or access client information, salespeople can do these tasks anywhere. No matter what device is in their hands, they can update leads, open files and access dashboards. When things can be done quickly from any location by the sales team, other operations can also get a jump start, resulting in faster shipments and services to increase customer satisfaction.

Better Collaboration

Business leaders don’t need to fear that their interdepartmental collaboration efforts will collapse from increased travel and remote jobs. Even while CRM users are away, they can remain in touch using their mobile devices. Employees can still send documents and dial-in to meetings using their mobile CRM interface.

Inspired by social media platforms, some vendors have also incorporated social functions to provide a familiar, interactive experience. Salesforce Chatter, for example, serves as an enterprise social network that enables users to stay on top of projects, collaborate with colleagues and share files through an interactive feed. Microsoft Yammer can be connected with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to give each CRM user a news feed that provides updates on orders and customer information and motivates conversations around business processes and data. Mobile CRM keeps users in touch with not only data but with each other.

Higher Sales

With access to collaboration tools and 360-degree insight right in their pockets, your workforce can become a selling machine. Innoppl Technologies found that 65% of sales reps using mobile CRM achieve their sales quotas, a huge leap from the 22% of quotas met by reps without mobile CRM features. Sales representatives are always equipped with up-to-date data so they can provide leads with accurate information to win them over. They can also meet customer needs faster by responding to them immediately and forwarding documents to colleagues, streamlining the sales pipeline.

But the benefits extend beyond your sales department. Marketers can take advantage of new ways to interact with customers via mobile technology and always know how campaigns are performing. Advanced analytics and constant insight into customer data powers effective, personalized marketing strategies. Service teams can quickly pick up cases via their devices. No matter which channel service personnel or clients use, cases can be tracked and resolved.

Think about it this way: Consumers are using more means than ever to find what they need. Mobile devices are increasingly becoming your customers’ go-to source for products and services. It only makes sense that employees leverage the technology their clients are using to tighten sales cycles. The advantages of mobile CRM are felt by your customers, who will return for more products after experiencing fast, comprehensive service.

Wrap Up

There’s no question that CRM is the leading enterprise software for mobile functionality, and leading the way in mobile CRM are Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365. They designed user-friendly mobile applications to ensure businesses never lose touch with their processes and sales opportunities.

A certified partner of both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, Datix helps businesses choose the right mobile CRM solution for their enterprise. After 20 years of providing software solutions to manufacturers and distributors, we understand how to integrate CRM effectively into your business processes. We even have our own premier integration platform, Unity, to connect CRM and ERP instances into one robust solution.

Ready for total customer insight wherever you need it? Contact Datix today to learn more about our mobile CRM expertise!

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