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Modern customers aren’t content with slow service or delayed orders. They want a seamless journey from first contact to delivery. But for manufacturers, the sales process isn’t always so straightforward. Sales cycles are often longer because purchases require input from multiple stakeholders and decision makersLeads might also be engaging with your sales team through several channels. Keeping track of your customers’ activity is already a tall order—optimizing your customer engagement to comply with their high standards might seem infeasible to your busy workforce.  

With Marketing Automation software, you can deliver better customer experiences with less effort. The software allows you to directly reach out to contacts at the right times throughout their journey. When integrated with your ERP solution, your Marketing Automation system can generate even deeper insights and further streamline operations. Below, we’ll cover a few ways that Marketing Automation software equips manufacturers with the tools to transform their customer journeys.  

Process Automation 

One of the key advantages of Marketing Automation software is right in the name. Customers expect personalized attention, but nobody has the time to design an email for each new contact and continue to touch base at critical moments. With this software, you don’t have to do this. A Marketing Automation system will automate emails, social media and other repetitive tasks to improve your efficiency. For example, you can set up email workflows designed to instantly push relevant content into your contacts’ inboxes after they complete certain activities, like downloading a white paper or filling out a contact form.  

Integrating this software with your ERP system will further automate your processes. Let’s say you connect HubSpot’s Marketing Automation platform with Epicor ERP. Contacts entered into HubSpot are instantly synced to your ERP solution to speed up quoting and order generation. HubSpot can also use Epicor data to automatically send email blasts to customers once they’ve made an order. Integrations use automation to remove operational roadblocks and help you efficiently engage with buyers and leads.  

Accessible Data 

Most marketers have their eyes on metrics across multiple platforms, but trying to go back and forth between applications to get a full view of leads and customers isn’t an effective method. You’re bound to miss something and end up reaching out to contacts with the wrong information or at a bad time—or forgetting to reach out to them altogether.  

Marketing Automation software stores all your data in one place, so you can instantly see every touch point across each channel. Integrating the system with your ERP software will also give you easy access to quotes, orders and other back-end information. Your Marketing Automation platform will leverage this wealth of data to provide personalized messages at critical moments in the buyer’s journey.  

Additionally, your software will show you key performance metrics (KPIs) that measure the success of your marketing strategies. Drill down into dashboards and reports to see how your website, social media posts, email campaigns and other inbound marketing methods are performing. From these rich insights, you can optimize your tactics to deliver excellent customer experiences.  

Enticing Content  

From pop-up ads to email blasts, tons of advertisements are shoved in our faces daily, and most of them get ignored. Marketing Automation software helps you craft enticing content that your target audience will notice. HubSpot offers attractive pre-built templates that allow you to create a range of content without a single line of code. Put together download forms, and add them on the right pages. Finish off blog posts and emails with clear CTAs. Add alt text and meta descriptions to help your content rise to the top of search engine results pages. HubSpot allows you to complete essential marketing tasks in just a few clicks.  

Users can also leverage marketing data to aid them in designing and improving content. Which blog posts receive the most engagement? Which emails have the highest click-through rates? Which keywords and topics are driving the most traffic to your website? The answers to your inbound marketing questions are at your fingertips. Marketing Automation software enables you to develop data-driven content strategies.  

Wrap Up 

Manufacturers can’t keep up with their customers’ high expectations if they continue relying on outdated, manual tactics. HubSpot, the pioneer in inbound marketing, is the premier Marketing Automation software. With the tools to improve your productivity and generate deeper insights, HubSpot helps manufacturing marketers excel in engaging with customers across the buyer’s journey.  

But HubSpot isn’t enough for modern manufacturers. Datix, an Epicor Gold Partner, developed Unity to integrate Epicor ERP with HubSpot.  By connecting Epicor and HubSpot, your marketing team can enjoy 360-degree visibility and streamlined processes to boost customer experiences. Our premier consultants will rapidly deploy Unity and provide on-going support and error handling to make sure you’re getting the most from your software solution.  

Give your marketing team a single source of truth to transform customer journeys. Check out our video demo and reach out to Datix to learn more about Unity!  


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