Tips for a Successful ERP Upgrade

ERP Upgrade

Upgrade to Epicor ERP 10.2

When Epicor unveiled version 10.2 of its ERP software, it was clear that the vendor listened to customer feedback when reconfiguring its home page. Each user is empowered to modify the look and arrangement of their dashboards to enhance their experience with the platform. The home page is also more powerful than ever thanks to Epicor Data Discovery (EDD), a business intelligence (BI) solution that simplifies data exploration and visualization. Users can select from a wide array of features that enable them to drill into their chosen datasets and KPIs.

As great as these improvements sound, a software upgrade isn’t everyone’s favorite project. Businesses that have gone through a few consecutive upgrades might grow weary of the process, possibly giving up on them altogether—a condition known as “upgrade fatigue.” However, besides causing your company to lose out on advantages of new versions of Epicor, refusing to update your ERP will introduce risk into your system. In this post, we explain why businesses must regularly upgrade their software. Then, we’ll give you our tips for successfully updating to new versions of Epicor ERP.

Why Upgrade Your ERP?

Nothing threatens your software more than maintaining the status quo. In other words, if you go a long period without an upgrade, you’re guaranteed to begin experiencing slower performance and bugs. As you continue to utilize older functions, your competition will take advantage of newer versions, causing your operations to fall behind. Over time, older versions will no longer be supported by Epicor, creating maintenance and security obstacles and even rendering your instance unusable. It would be nice if your software was a one-and-done deal, but regular updates are a must to fix errors and improve performance.

Having said that, your business doesn’t have to take advantage of every single new upgrade. Quite frankly, the change might not be worth the time, expenses nor energy. If the benefits of the upgrade outweigh the costs and your company has the resources to take on the project, then businesses should take advantage of the latest version of Epicor. If you find that your current ERP system is operating slowly or hasn’t been updated in a while, then switching to the newest version is imperative to prevent errors or poor performance.

Develop a Sound Strategy

As with an implementation, software upgrades must be properly planned for success. That means developing a project plan, change management strategy and training method. These are some steps you should take when you upgrade your Epicor ERP system:

  • To speed up the process, archive old data.
  • Take a careful look at your customized and personalized features. These modifications make upgrades more challenging, and they may not even be necessary for users anymore. Determine whether your customized and personalized features should stay intact before moving on to the newest version.
  • Ensure your data is protected by addressing potential security concerns.
  • Locate any problems before your final rollout by performing a mock go live as close as possible to the planned deployment.

Going through these procedures will help to ensure your upgrade works smoothly.

Keep Users In the Know

Users may not be thrilled with the idea of changes to their ERP interface. That’s why you should keep employees informed throughout the project, starting with an explanation of the benefits of the upgrade and changes to be expected in the user experience. This information will help them appreciate and perhaps even look forward to the change.

Your users will need more than communication. They will likely require some instruction to figure out how to take advantage of Epicor’s newest features. Provide role-based training and resources to get them acquainted with the latest version of the software. In addition, use this training as a chance to refresh users on software best practices. Only when employees are appropriately trained can your organization enjoy greater ROI and better performance. 

Wrap Up

Ultimately, your upgrade should be undergone as thoughtfully as any other software project to ensure that you are getting the most from your ERP instance. To set you on the right path for a successful Epicor upgrade, look no further than Datix. Datix is a certified Epicor partner, committed to innovation and comprehensive support. We’ll help you switch out your outdated software for Epicor 10, so you can increase your productivity and gain deeper insights. Trust our enterprise software experts to take care of all your software needs to expand the lifetime of your Epicor instance.

Ready for the latest upgrade? If you’re interested in Datix’s premier solutions or switching to Epicor ERP 10.2, contact us today!


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