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Manufacturers that specialize in products with multiple variants experience a great deal of complexity. To customize products for customers without sacrificing efficiency, businesses need extensive flexibility and minimal manual entries.  

The best way to simplify this process is with a product configurator (PC) tightly integrated with your ERP solution. As the name suggests, a PC manages the process of configurating products based on components. When this tool works seamlessly with your ERP system, you can enjoy greater visibility and automation, helping you deliver what your customers want, when they want it.  

One of the strongest configurators on the market is from Epicor. The ERP vendor, recognizing the importance of the tool in multiple verticals, unveiled a redesigned PC in Epicor 10. Below, we explain how the Epicor product configurator helps manufacturers achieve greater customer service, shorten delivery time and speed up the quotation process. Then, we identify which manufacturers can benefit the most from the solution.  

Manufacturing Control 

For manufacturers with a huge catalog of parts and components being moved around for each order, a high level of control is required to prevent chaos across the supply chain. Fortunately, Epicor’s product configurator enables on-the-fly configuration. Unlike other solutions, this PC automatically creates bills of materials (BOM), routings, selling prices and part numbers based on your answers to a series of custom questions. This makes configuration a fool-proof process. 

Epicor also provides the flexibility to manipulate orders at the quote, sales or job level. On the quote level, you will be able to configure a part, determine total costs of the order and estimate a lead time.  At the sales level, simple changes can be made to the part—color, amount, graphics, etc.—and then the order reconfigured once again. Users can employ the configurator at the job level to add specific components or materials to an order. On top of that, it automates complex documentation and processes, carefully tracking every single quote, order and client throughout the value chain using detailed audit trails.  

With Epicor 10, you make the rules. Users can easily create settings, rules and routing guidelines to make the configurator perform in line with your business needs. Manufacturers who leverage Epicor 10’s powerful configurator gain unprecedented control.  

Enterprise Connectivity 

Tightly integrated with your ERP system, the product configurator helps manufacturers streamline processes. Information entered into the PC is directly pulled into the BOM and translated to part or product records across your systems, modules and lines on your shop floor. This seamless connection enables process automation and fuels enterprise-wide transparency.  

The PC’s capable to promise (CTP) functionality leverages existing shop load, material availability and projections to provide a date that the configured item can be completed. The smart part number generator offers exact specifications for completed products. Users can view and change information across their devices, giving them visibility no matter where they do business.  

Epicor 10 users can enjoy even greater connectivity with Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC). This eCommerce platform can be fully integrated with the configurator, displaying all product options to your customers, so they can easily select the exact product they need on one page. The PC can also enable web-based configurations to be used for quoting and pricing within ECC.  

By connecting seamlessly with your eCommerce and ERP systems, the product configurator facilitates greater transparency. That means there’s no more surprises in your configuration processes—users know what’s coming through, so they can quickly and accurately meet customer needs.  

Ideal Product Configurator Users 

For some businesses, such as Baxter Manufacturing, Epicor’s product configurator is the deciding factor in their ERP selection. The PC empowered the company to go from a 12-week lead time to being able to ship some products the next day. But just because the configurator is a lifeline for some businesses doesn’t mean it’s essential for everyone.  

Its robust tracking functionality makes the configurator ideal for CTO, ETO, MTO and ATO manufacturers with complicated products. Businesses with many production options, unique part numbers and component combinations can’t keep up with customer demands without the help of a configurator. However, for manufacturers whose operations aren’t as complex, the PC might not be one of the Epicor features required to support optimal performance.  

Wrap Up 

Epicor’s product configurator is just one of the many impressive assets available in version 10 of its ERP solution. Whether or not the PC is right for you, upgrading to Epicor 10 is a wise decision for promoting business growth and reliable performance.  

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