Success Story: How Datix Provides Real Integration Solutions

It can be overwhelming when your software isn’t delivering. After one solution fails, finding a new system and partner that you can trust feels like a huge endeavor. When you work with Datix, we take on the challenge of finding the right solution for you so you can gain peace of mind. In this blog, we will go over how one manufacturer gained a comprehensive integration solution for their software and addressed their critical business needs.

Struggling with an “All-in-One” ERP that didn’t Deliver

This equipment manufacturer knew that they wanted interconnected ERP-CRM functionality, but they initially went down the wrong path to make it happen. Before speaking with Datix, the manufacturer opted to use an “all-in-one” ERP that was meant to have CRM software embedded into its system. Technically the CRM software was there, but it failed to provide essential data from account engagements and effectively ship job orders from sales to fulfillment. The manufacturer needed to increase its sales numbers, but this CRM wasn’t helping.  

An Integration Solution that Solves Business Challenges

After getting fed up with a solution that didn’t meet their needs, the manufacturer turned to Datix. Our team consulted closely with the client to understand their specific challenges and their overall business strategy. As a nonbiased organization that has worked with a variety of vendors, we recommended a proper CRM software and integrated it with the client’s ERP. Unlike their previous CRM add-on, this software equipped their organization with the sales tools and reports necessary to efficiently complete their daily tasks. Datix also made sure to incorporate Bing Maps into their CRM, allowing the manufacturer to encourage prospective customers to check out their equipment at nearby existing customer facilities. This simple strategy greatly increased confidence for prospective buyers, resulting in an immediate increase in sales for the manufacturer.

Their ERP was also able to create sales orders, pull invoice data and synchronize their accounts and contacts to maintain accurate data, which could now be seen out of one, unified system (learn more about Why an Integration Beats an “All-In-One” System). Because this client had some unique business needs, we made sure to customize the integration and even incorporated an additional marketing plug-in to ensure that the manufacturer had all the tools necessary to seamlessly meet their requirements. For manufacturers looking to add an integration or new software, Datix can help. Our prebuilt integration application, Unity, brings manufacturers to their full potential by giving them a single source of truth. With the option to customize and a scalable solution that has already processed over 350 million records, Unity is the integration of choice for manufacturers.

Wrap Up

With so many integration options out there, it is understandable that some manufacturers end up with software that doesn’t live up to its promises. That’s why it’s so important to find a consultant that you can trust to guide you to a real solution. As nonbiased software experts with 25 years’ experience, Datix recognizes the challenges that manufacturers face and knows how to offer tailored solutions for their success. Discover how a Unity integration by Datix can transform your business.

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