Why an Integration Beats an “All-In-One” System


Software shouldn’t be a headache. Manufacturers need a lot of processes to support their businesses, but no one wants to have multiple disconnected applications for each aspect of their business or each of their facilities. Disconnected systems lead to disconnected organizations, so some manufacturers are drawn to software that claims to have the “all-in-one” functionality or add-ons of an ERP and CRM (and perhaps even other software as well). However, a better option for the growth-minded manufacturer is an integration that connects all your software into one unified system. In this blog, we will review why an integration is the superior option to “all-in-one” software.

The Problem with “All-In-One” Software

There are many “all-in-one” or add-on capable software applications out there, so naturally some of them are better than others. Unfortunately, “all-in-one” and add-on capable software nearly always have the same problem: they’re mediocre. Because the software vendor is attempting to offer everything, they can’t deliver the best possible ERP, CRM, or other required functionality. It is better to do one thing well than to be able to do many things poorly. In our 25 years in the software industry, this principle has proved itself to be true over and over again. The best software vendors know the value in focusing their efforts to develop the best possible product. If you have a subpar “all-in-one” or add-on capable software and don’t know what to do, Datix is here for you. Our team of experts will take the time to understand your exact needs so that we can deliver the best solution for you. See why manufacturers pick Datix.

Why to Choose an Integration

Unlike an “all-in-one” or add-on capable system, an integration combines the best of the best. Your team is able to utilize the best ERP, CRM, and other software applications on the market so that you have full access to advanced software functionality. Sophisticated tasks like shop floor management, labor analysis, inventory management, forecasting, workflow automation and quote management are easily accessible under one system. With an “all-in-one” application, vendors struggle to incorporate all of the latest features of ERP, CRM, and other software into their updates, and instead focus on patching their software rather than offering cutting edge capability. More extensive upgrades may be offered, but these usually come with an expensive price tag. When a vendor sells one component of their system as an add on (like an ERP with an add-on CRM feature, for instance), the add-on software is quite literally a side product, meaning that their development team is going to spend less time improving it than they do improving their main product.  

In addition to allowing you to use whatever ERP, CRM and other software you like, an integration is better than the sum of its parts because you will have the ability to see all your data at once. You can generate integrated reports and metrics to showcase ERP and CRM information so that everyone can see the big picture of how your business is doing, if you are on track to meeting your goals and areas for improvement. Another advantage of an integration is the ability to work with a support team that has your back. With our prebuilt application, Unity: Integration by Datix, you don’t need to worry about unexpected downtime because our Unity Support Team monitors your system throughout the day. Unity is fully scalable and seamlessly accommodates software upgrades, so your system can grow with your business. We take care of the behind-the-scenes work so that you can focus on doing what you do best: providing valuable products and services to your customers. If an unexpected issue arises, our team is dedicated to offering premier customer service and doing whatever it takes to resolve your problem. Learn more about how Unity can transform your business.

Don’t Be Fooled by Misleading Pricing

Although an integration is the better choice over an “all-in-one” or add-on capable software, some manufacturers get caught up in the promise of a cheaper product. Supposedly, an “all-in-one” or add-on capable software is cheaper because you are only paying for one product instead of multiple. Although the upfront cost of the software may look better, it is important to remember that the point of software is to save you money and increase revenue by making your organization more efficient, giving your teams the tools to close more deals at higher profit margins and to execute on the promises you make to your clients. A subpar product will give you subpar results. In contrast, an integration offers the best value and ROI because you get the most out of your software. With Unity, you get the full value of an integration designed for manufacturers with the affordability of a prebuilt application. Discover what Unity can do for you.

Wrap Up

Stop being frustrated by disconnected software or a subpar “all-in-one” application. With an integration like Unity, experience greater employee collaboration, efficiency, reduced downtime and peace of mind.

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