Streamline Your Manufacturing Business with CloudSuite Industrial Advanced Planning and Scheduling

StreamlineYourManufacturingBusinesswithCloudSuiteIndustrialAPSAdvanced Planning and Scheduling Allows You to Meet Customers’ Demands with Ease 

To be a competitor in today’s market, it is vital for manufacturers to put customers first when creating supply chain plans; however, this can be difficult, or near impossible, to accomplish without proper software systems in place.


Infor CloudSuite Industrial Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) allows manufacturers to synchronize the use of work centers, inventory, resources, and supply with customers’ orders. With APS, you can rely on a flexible, scalable solution that is built, serviced, and managed by manufacturing professionals who understand your specific requirements for processes to flow smoothly, without mistakes or wasted resources.


Greater Planning Visibility 

Infor APS provides exceptional visibility into the software’s lean manufacturing plans. You receive a plan for each order, that way every order knows the jobs and purchase orders it needs, and every supply knows the demand it supports. This is designed to help streamline your supply chain and ensure everything aligns with your business’s goals. 


Further, the system provides you with insight into your inventory and resources, delivering a clear view of which products/areas are the most successful and which have room for improvement. This insight supports your ability to make appropriate changes to optimize your supply chain.


Improve Customer Service 

APS synchronizes the use of your work centers, inventory, resources, and supply with customer orders, enabling you to better serve customers and meet their evolving demands. This allows you to generate an accurate promise date for your customers at the time of the order entry.


Additionally, the software gives you scheduling flexibility, so you can design a just-in-time plan that eliminates delays, or an order-by-order plan that eliminates unnecessary batching. Consequently, making it easier for you to fill and meet customers’ orders on-time. 


Infor CloudSuite Industrial APS is also equipped with “what-if”’ capabilities, so you can determine the impact of decisions you (and your employees) make. This allows you to add different items to your schedule–including high priority orders in the current production plan, determining overtime, outsourcing order components, etc.–to optimize your supply chain. Then, the system will instantly determine which customers’ orders will be affected and how their delivery timeframes will change. In turn, facilitating how you deal with unforeseen issues while still providing exceptional customer service. 


Wrap Up 

Infor CloudSuite Industrial APS solution is designed to help you meet your goals by providing seamless advanced planning capabilities, so you can increase your on-time performance. The software is also designed to help you reduce inventory and operating costs. APS delivers robust business insights and better planning solutions, so you can increase customer satisfaction and retention.


While Infor can help you transform your business, software implementation is a difficult task, especially if you don’t have help. That’s why Datix is dedicated to helping your business implement and maintain robust software solutions–like Infor ERP–that maximize your business growth. We are a certified Infor partner with over 20 years of experience in ERP software. Our consultants are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to providing you with a seamless implementation, on-time and under budget. Plus, our consultants not only provide support and guidance before and during the implementation but also stay with you after your go-live date.


Ready to see how Infor CloudSuite Industrial APS solution can help you meet your goals and transform your customer service? Contact Datix today! 

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